Monday, July 4, 2016

February 11, 1977 The Warm Break, The Nobel Prize Winners, The New Baby, The Good Crowds and The Dreaded Ironing

Dear Mother,

"It is good to know that you can get to the mailbox and to church again. If the warm break in the weather holds for a few days our snow will be gone. Everything looks horribly dirty now but rain is predicted for the weekend and maybe that will wash the walks and streets clean. We are thankful for the mud even but we are told that the ground is frozen so deep it is going to take a long time to thaw out. Anyway, it has started at last.

The children are fine. Ann & Bob had last Monday off because that is when their states celebrate Lincoln's birthday & they went to Coney Island of all places. They just looked around since they had never been there. I don't think we were ever there.

Bob called to say they were all fine, too. He had been in N.Y. for two days to a meeting. The speakers were Nobel prize winners so it was very interesting--on viruses.

I'd love to see the new baby. Does she look like Michelle? I had a little note from Jeannette after I sent the baby some money. I thought they could get something they needed but I don't imagine they need much tiny baby stuff and she said the money would go in the baby's savings account.

We have had good crowds at church even thru the worst weather--lots of students. I think everyone got pretty tired of staying in and when Sunday came they went to church in spite of the weather.

This has been a busy week. Our book club met Monday morning and I was hostess for Travel Club in the afternoon. I was supposed to go to a quilting club meeting but I was too tired and stayed at home. Yesterday was the regular meeting of As You Like It and we had a program on Australia. It was real interesting. I've always wanted to go there.

I'm going to try quilting the separate blocks of that last quilt you made for me before setting them together. It's the blue one. I have all the blocks pinned with the batting & lining but haven't done any basting. They have to be basted pretty well before I can start the quilting.

I'd better stop & get the clothes out of the washing machine. I have a big table cloth in there that I've been dreading to iron and intend to get that done today."




  1. For my money, you and Bob picked the right time of the year to visit Coney Island when nobody else was there. But that's just me. Love that ad for the iron! Harvest Gold was all the mode in 1977 as were Persimmon and Avocado. We still have our Harvest Gold electric skillet from that era.
    Happy Independence Day to you and yours, Ann!

  2. Coney Island was fun in the dead of winter. I read yesterday that the guy who won the Nathan's hotdog eating contest ate 70. Yikes! Funny you should mention the Harvest Gold. We just got rid of a HG electric knife but are hanging on to the hand-mixer! Our little Zenith TV is avocado.

    Thanks, as usual, for your great comments and memories!


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