Wednesday, June 15, 2016

October 1, 1976 The Falling Leaves, The Lincoln Sites, The Dulcimer Concert, The Frozen Cake and The Beautiful Day

Dear Mother,

"We're having summer days again after our chilly weather. Last weekend was rainy and gloomy but we really needed the rain and everything has perked up. B thinks he's going to have to mow the lawn in the next few days. The leaves are beginning to fall and are changing only a little.

Mildred and Van came last Thursday and stayed till Monday. We went to see the Lincoln sites in Springfield and New Salem because they had never been in this part of Illinois. They were impressed with all the cornfields.

Mildred likes antiques so we went to a show in Peoria. I'd never been to it before and enjoyed it too. The prices were sky high for everything including junk but the cut glass was sure beautiful. One of these shows is held in Bloomington every year but we have never gone and probably won't now that we've see what it is like.

Sunday we went to church and then went to the dulcimer concert at the Quilt Show. We had a huge crowd. Mildred & Van enjoyed the show & the program.

I rested most of Monday after they left but went back to the Gallery on Tuesday and again that night for our last program. I've gone every day this week trying to finish the quilting on the frame we have there. I had lots of help yesterday and will have some today so maybe we can finish it.

B had a church committee meeting here last night but I had some cake in the freezer so didn't have to do anything special for it.

The tomatoes are still doing fine and I had to cook some this morning because I was getting too many. I have 2 qts. and will put them in soup one of these cold days.

It would be a nice trip to Silver Dollar City but I think it would be a very hard trip for anyone. We've always wanted to go but have never had a chance.

I think you're getting the porch fixed for a very good price. I really thought it would be more than that since the porch is so big. Won't it be nice to have it done?

I hope Beulah feels better. She is sick a lot, it seems. She said you wanted to get some Anacin. If you will take 8 or 10 of the Datril or Tylenol a day they will control your pain. You can't expect them to help if you don't take enough--2 at each meal and 2 at bedtime like Bob said for you to do. They will not hurt you or make you shaky like aspirin. You must not take anything with aspirin in it and Anacin is aspirin and caffeine. Aspirin will start your bleeding again and it will kill you. You are so much better now so just keep on with the things that have made you better. Are you taking your Geritol? Don't stop that, either. It is cheaper than Dr. bills.

I think all of us get shaky when we get tired. At least I do, so just try to rest a little more on days when you feel shaky.

It is such a beautiful day I wish I could come after you and go for a long ride. The quilt show ends Sunday and then things should begin to be normal again for us. Maybe we can get a few little rides in and we're still hoping for a vacation."



NOTE: All visitors to the Quilt Show were invited to try their hand at quilting. The hope was that it would be finished by the end of the show, but as it turned out, Mom finished it at home. I don't know who is working on it in the photo, but that's Mom, looking on.

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