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May 21, 1976 The Ironing & Cleaning, The Rhubarb Crisp, The Potluck Lunch, The Little Wreath and The Crossed Letters

Dear Mother,

"There are so many things I need to do and want to do today that I don't know where to start. The ironing hasn't been done this week and the house really needs a cleaning. I spent yesterday morning finishing a dress and fixing some old dresses that needed seaming down a bit. They were too big when I made them last year but I never did anything about it.

We had our last As You Like It Club meeting yesterday afternoon. We went to a home in the country and enjoyed it so much as we always do every spring. They have beautiful flowers and she always serves rhubarb crisp. We'd be disappointed if she didn't serve that for dessert. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time. They talked about having a picnic in August but I never promise to go to meetings in the summer.

Monday we had our last Travel Club meeting and at another home in the country. That was nice too but the day was chilly & cloudy so we didn't do much looking around outdoors. We always have a potluck lunch for this meeting. Everyone takes a salad and that's what we have. It is amazing how many kinds of salad there are and we always have a variety of meat, vegetable and sweet salads.

We are planning to come to Richland next Friday (the 28th) and will stay until mid-morning Monday. We are stopping at Ann's on the way and she may come with us but we don't know. She does have to play at church on Sunday so will probably have to drive to Richland herself. We'll probably get to Richland about mid-afternoon Friday but don't worry about supper. I'll be there plenty early to fix something.

I have bought a little wreath of lilies (plastic) that is very pretty and we'll go to the cemetery while I'm there.

We'll also see about the T.V. and if there is anything else you want us to do we'll try to do it.

It sounds as if you have had a lot of company lately. I had a letter from Beulah yesterday and had written her one so our letters crossed. I told her we were coming.

We haven't had time to check on the car so I don't know when it will be finished. I sure miss it.

I must get to work. We'll see you next week."



NOTE:  The home in the country was that of the Funk family and on their land was a beautiful area known as Funk's Grove. It is the place where my parents had grave plots, knowing it would be a lovely place in which to be buried. However, when a young family friend passed away, Mom & Dad gave the plots to his family. If you want Mrs. Funk's rhubarb crisp recipe, you can find it in an earlier post:

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