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July 30, 1976 The Elderberry Bush, The Grocery Store, The Maroon Car, The Olympics and The Iron Pills

Dear Mother,

"It's a lovely morning and the birds are having a conference, I think. The elderberries are beginning to turn and they have probably discovered them. The bush came up voluntarily years ago and I have left it because it has a very pretty blossom and the birds love the berries. It needs trimming back but I'll leave it until fall and then do something with it.

So much needs to be done around here but neither of us has time for anything much. B brings work home every night but we do try to take either Saturday or Sunday and do something or go somewhere.

B was in Springfield all day yesterday so we were up real early and I sure did a lot of things before noon. Much of the time was at the grocery store. Beef is cheaper now than it has been in months and I heard a farm advisor say this was a good time to buy so I've been trying to put some in the freezer.

We did go to Chicago last Saturday and had a real nice, leisurely day. I couldn't get any shoes for you. The man at Marshall Fields looked and looked for some in any color but simply didn't have anything narrow enough in sale shoes. When you really want to have them we can find some at regular price. Not many places carry Selby's but I'll keep my eyes open.

Bob says they are all fine. Bobby is trying to crawl but can't figure it out yet. He does sit up alone now and most of the time, I think. Did I tell you they got a car? It is maroon with a white top. I can never remember the kind but it is one of the mid-sized ones.

Ann & Bob are so excited about their moving. She has been packing and they are going to sell some of their big plants back to the man they bought them from. The movers are supposed to give them an estimate next week and Bob is supposed to have his final exams the last week in August. Time is really getting away in a hurry.

Have you watched the Olympics any? I hope so for they have been very interesting. I especially enjoyed the horse jumping when Princess Anne was in it. She rides beautifully.

I'm sorry now that I didn't bring my quilt blocks to you but will the next time we come. I haven't any idea when that will be. I'll try to bring some of my quilt books with patterns and maybe you'll do some piecing this winter. We could move the machine into the dining room and I think it would be fun for you. It would be different from the embroidered ones. I love that "Dove in the Window" (gold, blue, rose) you made for me years ago. I wish now I had entered it in the show but I was too busy to even think about it. Everyone who sees it thinks it is beautiful.

I've been writing letters since B left for the office and haven't even made my bed. I'd better get busy.

Are you still taking your Geritol or have you started your iron pills? Give Beulah one of the pictures of all of us together. I don't know when I can find time to write to her & I know she's as busy as I am."



NOTE: Picture 1-- Bonnie, Grandmother Belshe, Pat & Bobby and Grandmother Taylor. Picture 2-- Bob, Grandmother Belshe, Bobby and B.

 NOTE: You can watch Princess Anne practice her riding and hear her tell reporters she hopes to avoid being a "nitwit".


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