Monday, June 6, 2016

July 23, 1976 The Terribly Busy Week, The White Sandals, The 58 Quilts, The Little Redbud Tree and The Pepper Plants

Dear Mother,

"It is hot today but we did have a good rain one night so that has helped yards and gardens. Our tomatoes get bigger & bigger but don't show any signs of turning pink.

This has been a terribly busy week and we are both so tired. We may go to Chicago tomorrow just to get out of town but don't know yet. We don't have anything special to go for but I will look for your shoes if we do. I'd like some white sandals but haven't found them on sale either.

I've worked on quilt show things all week and have another meeting this afternoon. We are going to hang all the quilts so we had to sew muslin strips across the top of each quilt for a wooden rod to go thru. We have 58 quilts to show so that has taken a good part of the week. We used almost 15 yds. of muslin in the strips so that gives you an idea of the amount of sewing.

Ann phoned Tuesday night from Bird In Hand, Pa. and said they were starting home so they got here Wednesday night about 9:30 and then left for Columbia after breakfast on Thursday. They were so happy about Bob's job and the apartment they had rented. Ann doesn't have a job yet but is still applying. There are lots of schools in the area so she hopes to find something.

Bob called right after Ann & Bob left so he missed talking to them but of course he hadn't known they were here. Bobby is trying his best to crawl and sits up now. He also has another tooth. Bob is hoping he won't get any more for awhile because they make him so fussy each time he cuts one.

The day is gone so I'd better finish this up. B is out puttering around the cars. He always enjoys that and it is still too hot to mow the lawn.

The little redbud tree is still alive. I thought it was dead in spite of all my watering but it got new leaves and seems fine. The pepper plants look as if there are little peppers coming on at last. I use so many of them so it will be nice to have them.

I guess I'd better finish this so I can get it mailed.

Stay out of the hot sun."



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