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August 20, 1976 The Feeling of Fall, The Exciting Day, The Signs of Water, The Republican Convention and The Art Gallery Crew

Dear Mother,

It's a lovely morning but is supposed to be hot later in the day. There is a feeling of fall in the air and the nights get real cool. Summer has been so short. I guess that's because both of us have been so busy.

The Quilt Show is going strong now and people keep coming. The Sunday opening was really very nice and the guard counted 625 people who came in but she may have missed a few.

Everyone seemed to think it was a beautiful display of quilts and it was an exciting day. There is a little patio-like vestibule on the side of the big gallery so we set up a tea table there with potted plants all around so it was like a little garden. The girls used a patchwork quilt top for the tablecloth and served lemonade & cookies to all that crowd.

The hostesses at the table wore long dresses but I just wore a shirtwaist dress. I haven't been to the Gallery every day but go about every other day. The quilt in the frame isn't being quilted very fast. People want to quilt a tiny bit or try their hand at it but don't do much at a time.

I've actually had time to do a little work at home this week--finished the dress I'd worked on so long. We've worked in the yard a little bit too--adding top soil to some of the low spots but the yard looks pretty good after being messed up so much where the men worked on the tiling. I think the basement is finally waterproofed. At least, we haven't had any signs of water since they added more dirt around the foundation.

When we have time we're going to look for floor covering and get the basement cleaned up again. We may just get tile again instead of carpeting.

The Republican Convention wasn't very interesting until last night. We watched the last of it and it was almost 12:00 when we went to bed. Reagan made the best speech of the whole convention when he was called to the platform last night. I didn't want him for president but he sure made a fine speech and I do admire him for his sincerity. I think he has been good for the country for he kept the convention from being cut and dried as it often has been and he forced the President to face the problems. I heard this morning that Ford & Carter are going to debate during the campaign and I hope they do. That's the best way for the public to see how our government will be handled before we vote. Bob thinks Carter will win.

He called yesterday and talked quite a while. Bobby is crawling and Bob says he goes like a streak of lightning from one end of their apartment to the other. Pat took everything off bottom shelves everywhere and put the toys there. Bob says when he gets home every toy is off the shelves. Bobby stands up in the walker too, but doesn't try to walk. He likes to sit in the playpen while they eat breakfast and peek thru the sides at them.

Pat was offered a teaching job but decided she couldn't leave Bobby that long every day. It would have been from 8:00 - 12:30 every day and I'm sure glad she turned it down. It was very tempting, I know, but she enjoys that baby so much and we're so glad she decided against the job.

Ann was 26 on Tuesday and that doesn't seem possible. We haven't heard from her this week but I know they must be terribly busy if they really leave Columbia in about two weeks. She hasn't told us exactly when they will be here.

Mildred Dowell wrote and wanted to come in October but I told her to come late September or early November if they can because we hope to take some sort of vacation in Oct. as soon as the Quilt Show is over. We may go to New England and stop to see the kids on the way home. We just don't know yet.

There are several odd jobs around the house that we'd like to do. We think the stool in the downstairs bathroom may be leaking so we hope to check that tomorrow. B put a new faucet in the kitchen sink last Saturday and we'd like to find a light fixture for the hall. We've looked off & on for that for a long time but haven't found anything we like.

The crew at the art gallery sent me a beautiful potted palm tree this week. I was completely surprised but very pleased, of course. We have all worked together on this show.

I must get dressed. B just left for the office and I haven't done anything but this letter."



NOTE:  If you missed the Quilt Show yesterday, you can see it here:

And if you'd like, listen to Reagan's remarks at the Republican National Convention, Aug. 19, 1976.


  1. Hi Ann,
    I have found all your informations about quilts and quilting very interesting, especially for me who lives in Europe. It seems to be an important form of craft or art in the US, and I was impressed by the importance of the exhibition.
    Over here, quilting is totally unknown and nobody practices it.
    Since I started reading your blog, I always wondered why your mother would talk so often about quilts and quilting in her letters.
    Now I have the answer...

  2. Hi Laurent. I'm pleased that you found the quilting interesting. Quilting has enduring as an art form for centuries in the U.S. and new shops are springing up all over even now as "textile arts" are so popular. As you will learn later in the blog's conclusion, quilting remained a passion for my mother until her death and she enjoyed having her designs recognized and published nationally. Thanks so very much for writing today. Take a look here for a surprise:


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