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August 14, 1976 The School Calendar, The Quilt Show Opening, The Housecleaning, The Bag of Pears and The Certificates

Dear Mother,

"Summer school was over yesterday but there won't be many quiet days around here because the fall term begins next Thursday. The school calendar is different now from the way it used to be and the long summer vacations come early in the summer now. We really feel the need of a vacation but can't even think about it until mid-October. Ann wants us to come to Pennsylvania and Bob wants us to come on to Washington, D.C. so we don't know what we'll do. We do hope to go somewhere. Both of us are tired.

The Quilt Show opens tomorrow so I'm a little nervous about that. My committee had a preview of the show yesterday and it is going to be real nice. There are still lots of little things to do today but the regular workers in the Gallery will do them so I don't plan to go at all. Next week I have to write up some information material on the quilts for the tour guides to use and that will take a while. Things should go pretty smoothly after that.

I've tried to do a little sewing this week on a dress I've been working on for weeks. It probably wouldn't take long to finish it but I'm not interested in doing it now and just have to make myself work on it.

When I do have time to sew I work on a Hawaiian quilt I have started to use for demonstration sometime during the show.

I want to start a little fall housecleaning soon. The house has been neglected the past few months but I'm going to start washing woodwork and such and if I keep at it things will get freshened up before winter.

I had a nice letter from Beulah this week but no telling when I can answer it.

Someone left a bag of pears in my front door yesterday while I was gone but I haven't any idea where they came from. I'd like to make some pear honey but I don't think they'll keep till Monday.

I want to watch the Republican convention next week if I can but hope it won't end up in a big fight. It looks as if it might.

Your bonds at the bank will soon be coming due so you'd better be thinking about whether you want to buy Bloomington Federal Certificates or not. You don't need to ask anyone about this. Just decide what you want to do. You don't owe the Pulaski County Bank one thing and it is not going to help or hinder them if you cash those bonds. They will bring you a lot more interest at Bloomington Federal than they do in the bank now. If you want to cash them & put the money in your checking account until we come home you could do that. Maybe we can get there before too many weeks. I just don't know but the interest for that time wouldn't be much. Anyway, do as you please. It is your money.

It is getting a little cloudy so we'll probably have showers today. We've been having them so everything is nice & green.

Hope it isn't too hot there and that you are fine."



P.S. "Our letters should have been on time last week for they were mailed Friday. Ann & Bob will leave Columbia around Aug. 31 or Sept. 1st and come here for a few days. They had hoped to get back to Richland before they left but I don't see how they can do it. They are still at the same address in Columbia and when they get moved I'll send you their new one."

NOTE: If you'd like to see the ISU Bicentennial Quilt Show, here it is as photographed by Mom & Dad.

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