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November 9, 1975 The Quilt Frames, The Predicted Rain, The Wild Ideas, The Bananas and The Soup

Dear Mother,

"This may be late for I didn't get it written yesterday. I spent much of yesterday making some quilting frames and putting the quilt in the frames. It is the pieced baby quilt and the pieces are so little I was afraid I couldn't keep it stretched smooth with the hoops. I finally got it in the frames and started a little of the quilting. The other one is finally all finished but I think I'll wash it before I send it to Patty. It doesn't look soiled but so many people have looked at it I think it needs the washing.

We have another meeting coming up Monday on the quilt show so I had to make calls about that yesterday and then I worked in the yard. Can you imagine working in the yard in November without a jacket? The last two days have been just wonderful so B helped me and we worked out again this afternoon. He cut the grass for the last time and we raked leaves again and cleaned off flower beds. The yard doesn't look as bad as it did but there are some big holes and huge bare spots where the trucks came into the yard. We'll have to get a load of dirt in the spring and fill in places before we plant grass. I suppose we could have done it this fall but never dreamed the weather would stay so nice for so long. Rain is predicted for tonight so maybe it will be turning cold. If it is nice tomorrow we'll try to wash the windows after church.

The most interesting thing that happened this week was a lecture by Senator Sam Ervin. He opened our bicentennial celebration and talked about the freedoms set down for us in the U.S. Constitution.

It was very interesting and then he answered questions for 30 minutes. The students asked such good questions and kept applauding him when he answered. I was real proud of the students. They are about thru with their wild ideas. There was a reception for Mr. Ervin after the talk and we went but couldn't even get close to him. The students swarmed around him. I wanted to shake hands with him but had to give up.

No, we couldn't have come to Uncle Francis' funeral but we want to help pay for the flowers. You keep the money I'm sending and the money Buddy gave you. Beulah does so much for you that neither of us can do so at least let us share in the flowers.

Are you taking your vitamins now and eating bananas? You'd better be--especially with the cold weather coming.

It is dark so surely B will be coming inside soon. We're having warmed over soup so I'd better get it on the stove.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: If you don't remember Sam Ervin, read a brief bio here:

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