Saturday, May 7, 2016

November 14, 1975 The Smattering of Snow, The Settling Dirt, The Little Sweater, The Art Show Opening and The Blowing Sycamore Leaves

Dear Mother,

"We have had our first taste of winter with a smattering of snow but the sun is out bright today and the weather man says the weekend will be mild. The temperature is going to have to move up fast though, for it was in the 20s this morning. We lit the fireplace last night and it was nice.

There hasn't been enough wet weather to tell how the basement is going to be but there isn't even a drop of moisture anywhere now. The one spot where water had been coming thru the blocks constantly has all dried up so I guess the water finally all drained out that had been collecting there and no more could get in. B says we'll wait a year before we really know if it is going to stay completely dry but we really don't expect to get any water.

The dirt over the trench to the dry well keeps settling so I'll have to rake more over it if the weather warms up tomorrow. We filled some of the holes in the front yard and planted grass but it may be too late for it to germinate before spring.

I'm expecting company any minute. A friend borrowed some of my quilt books and is bringing them back this morning. She teaches classes in quilting in the adult education program and has wanted to see my quilts so I have them spread out on the bed. It is fun to get them out and look at them.

I started one of the cross-stitch blocks one day but didn't finish it because I've been working hard on the baby quilts. Then I'm knitting a little sweater too, so I think the cross-stitch is going to have to wait. I wanted to get a block done so I could carry the work around to meetings. It is hard to follow the chart the first time so I decided I'd better do the first one at home.

Ann is in Kansas City for a meeting this week and we haven't heard from her. Bob hasn't called either but is probably busy. He may have tried when we were gone.

Sunday night we went to the opening of an art show at school. It was children's paintings from Turkey. They were wonderful. Our school has a special collection of art work done by children all over the world. This was a new addition to the collection--about 100 pictures.

Cliffie probably doesn't feel well because she is plain tired. After all these years of hard work she has to be very, very tired and it is going to take a long time to get rested.

Yes, it really does get dark early. It is always dark when B gets home from school now.

It doesn't seem to do much good to rake the yard. We've had some high winds lately and you can hardly tell we ever raked for the neighbors don't and we get leaves from a block away. We know because they are sycamore leaves and the trees are a long way from us.

Hope you are fine."



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