Thursday, May 26, 2016

April 3, 1976 The Thermometer, The Luncheon, The Judge, The Patchwork and The Good Time

Dear Mother,

"It's a beautiful morning so B plans to work in the yard. He wants to feed the grass and the evergreens. The men will be bringing dirt most any day now and I hope they do most of the spreading so we won't have a lot of work. The grass is almost ready to mow although it has been cold. Spring comes no matter what the thermometer says.

There are lots of things I'd like to do today but I have to go to a luncheon at school and that interferes. I do hope to get the ironing done before I go.

I didn't have to go to court yesterday so I washed most of the day and sewed in between. I finished a pants suit for Ann & have material to cut for Pat. I hope I can finish it next week. I really can't plan a thing but I try to get things ready so I can work at it if the judge releases me.

One jury worked all day yesterday on a case (as well as the day before) but I was not picked for that and was glad. The court calls about 30 or 40 jurors and then names are drawn out of a box until they get 12 people for a jury. My name was drawn once and it was interesting and an easy case to decide. I have to be back in the courtroom on Monday at 9:00. We never know if there will be a case but all of us are used by two judges and we move from one courtroom to the other as juries are needed. My term should be over after this next week. I had to cancel out of several meetings this week and others are coming up next week but I can't help that.

One evening I took quilts and talked with an adult education class on patchworks. It was their last meeting and the teacher asked me to come. She is one of my committee members for the quilt show so I couldn't say "no" to her. She is also having my workshop for me next Tuesday. I don't know whether I'll get to go or not.

We had a good time in Chicago and I really had a good rest. The hotel was out by O'Hare airport so there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. It is a big hotel and had a nice lobby so I just read or knitted and watched people while B was in his meetings. After he finished at noon we went to a shopping center and looked around for awhile.

I must get to work. Hope you are fine."



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