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April 16, 1976 The Clothes, The Communion Things, The Weed, The New Car and The Table Cloth

Dear Mother,

"I have a few minutes before we have to go to a reception so I'll start this. Then we go to Bloomington for a dinner after the reception. This is a busy time of the year. Last weekend we went from one thing to another and I had to take time out Monday morning to put clothes away. I'd changed & just hung them up without putting them where they belonged.

Our church had a Maundy Thursday service last night and it was very nice. B was one of the elders & I was one of the deaconesses so we went early and had to clean up communion things afterwards. There was a big crowd. I have to do communion again Easter and the trays will all have to be as full as we can make them. We always have lots of students. They don't have vacation at Easter any more so they don't go home.

Bob called yesterday. They are all just fine. Bobby is rolling over, picking up things & growing like a weed. He's about 26" long. His pictures make him look fat but Bob says he really isn't but his face & hands are.

They have ordered a new car--a small station wagon. It will be big enough to haul baby things in and more comfortable for them. They will keep the other car so Pat can get around while Bob is at work.
They plan to go to Atlanta n June but probably won't get here until October. That's an awful long time to wait to see that baby and we're trying to figure out a time when we can go there.

Ann & Bob are both really busy. She is enjoying her teaching so much and will be all thru May 10. That isn't long off. They have heard about another job is Superior, Wisconsin but haven't done anything about it. So many of these jobs want people right now & naturally they ca't go right now. It would be foolish for them to leave Columbia before they finish everything.

It is really warm now but the wind has been high today and it looks as if it is going to pour rain. We do need it but it has been nice to have windows open.

I'm glad you finally got the tablecloth. It was the only round one we could find and they didn't have thread kits so I thought you could use the money for thread. You might want to use other colors than brown anyway.

You should see the violets. They pop up everywhere and are so pretty. Some of the lilies have frost bitten leaves but the violets weren't hurt a bit.

The pictures are for you to keep. Hope you are fine."



NOTE: Business tycoon, Howard Hughes, died on April 5, 1976, leaving a legacy of fame and curiosity. See below, if interested.

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