Friday, May 27, 2016

April 11, 1976 The Birthday, The Murder Case, The Banquets, The Long Dress and The Dirt

Dear Mother,

"I hope you have your package by now. The mail service seems to get worse all of the time. You must have had quite a birthday.

I was sorry we couldn't talk longer but I was glad Buddy & Bessie were there. It is probably a very good thing that they have their interest in Eastern Star. It gives them something to do.

My jury duty is all over and I don't think they'll call me again for at least three years. Then my name could be put back in the box they draw from. The selection is all done by drawing names out of a box. It is always by chance that one has to serve. I learned a lot but I did not enjoy it. You see a different sort of life and most of it isn't very pleasant. I was selected for three juries but was excused from the last one. It was a murder case so I was thankful the judge excused me. He didn't even ask me any questions but I was so tired he must have felt sorry for me.

I'm so far behind with things and so much is going on I don't know when I'll catch up. We went to a banquet last night & did enjoy it. We had turned down the invitations and didn't plan to go. Then the President asked B to go in his place & make a little talk so we had to go. This afternoon we're going to an initiation of an honor society, a reception afterwards & then another banquet tonight. We were supposed to go to an art show last night but didn't get out in time.

I have a long dress almost finished and have done that in bits & pieces when I had time.

I need to do some things on the quilt show but hope to get to that next week. A woman called from Peoria yesterday & talked & talked about the show. I've never heard of her but she wants to show a quilt.

Bob called yesterday. They are fine & Bobby had rolled over once. He had his check-up this week & some of his shots. They don't seem to bother him. Bob & Pat are talking about getting a bigger car. I guess their Mustang is too little for the three of them.

Does Aunt Nora still wear a bandage? I do hope the operations helps her eye sight.

It won't be long before our lawn needs mowing. A few people have already mowed. We got some dirt this week & the men spread it around in their own way. B & I did it over but I don't think it's very good dirt. It is hard lumps & you can't do much with it. Time will take care of it, I guess. Everything is so pretty right now but it just doesn't get warm. The temperature dips below freezing most every night & I don't see why flowers aren't ruined but it doesn't seem to hurt them.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Time sure goes fast. We'll have to go to church early. B has an 8:15 meeting and I have to fix communion. It will be late when we're thru because I'll have to help clean up the kitchen & glasses. April is my month so it means Maundy Thursday & Easter Sunday as well.

I must stop and take my bath. It will be time to go to school before I get ready if I don't watch it. There are only 5 more weeks of school, I think, so lots of things will be going on."



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