Wednesday, April 27, 2016

September 5, 1975 The Ringing Phone, The Apple Pies, The New Noises, The Knitting Group and Supper Time

Dear Mother,

"It has been a busy week and it seems just like fall--cooler and cloudy. I've been peeling apples this week--or trying to but the phone started ringing before we'd been home 30 minutes. Tuesday morning I had to go to a coffee and then drove for HELP in the afternoon. I had made excuses all summer so couldn't refuse this time. I'm not too keen on coffees when there are things I'd like to get done.

Anyway, I made some pies and have lots of apples left. In between, I've been trying to finish a dress and have it ready to hem. It's a summer dress so I won't get to wear it much now unless the weather turns hot again.

Bob K. and a friend stopped Wednesday morning for some lunch. They were on their way home from Chicago so didn't stay long. Bob wanted to get home in time to pick Ann up at school.

I wrote to Buddy and explained about Sunday. It was about time I wrote to them and I wrote to Beulah, too. I'd had a letter from her not long ago and hadn't answered it.

We enjoyed being home and seeing everyone but the time sure goes fast.

You are probably hearing insects outside when you think you're hearing water. This is the time of year when the bugs begin to sing and there are all sort of new noises. I'm sure you aren't hearing water so don't worry about it.

We have started to clean the basement. What a mess! We have old cans of paint and lots of useless junk to throw away. I save boxes and always accumulate too many.

I have to be hostess to a knitting group of faculty women next Monday evening and have to serve some sort of dessert. B keeps suggesting apple cake. I think he wants me to make some and I do intend to but haven't had time.

It is almost supper time so I must stop. Hope you are fine and that it isn't hot there by now."



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