Friday, April 29, 2016

September 19, 1975 The Chilly Weather, The Slow Work, The Fireworks Display, The Little Squash and The Laundry

Dear Mother,

"Your letter hasn't come this week but I hear you have company. B's mom wrote that Aunt Jane was with you and I'm so glad. I hope she can stay awhile.

It is raining but warm today. We have had some real chilly weather and a frost threat. It didn't happen but I brought my plants all indoors so my dining room looks like a garden. Some things are still blooming and I'd sure like to keep them going.

When we cleaned the basement we found a nice redwood board Bob had left over long ago when he was building bookshelves. B cut it in half and put casters on the pieces. I put Deft on them and they look real nice with plants on them. I still have the two round ones Daddy made for me and use them constantly.

I've been piecing the border for the little quilt I'm making Patty but it sure is slow work. The pieces are so tiny. The quilt is going to be a large crib size when it is done so you couldn't call it a baby quilt like the one Beulah is making.

The University started its Bicentennial celebration last Saturday night with a fireworks display. It was the most beautiful one I think I ever saw. The first thing was a flag (in fireworks) that was lit while the crowd sang "The Star Spangled Banner". Every ballgame is started with the song but the fireworks added a lot.

You may have trouble reading this for I don't have my glasses on and can't put them on while I have my hair in curlers.

We are going to a dinner tonight and my first club meeting for the year is next Thursday.

Bob called this week to say they were home from their trip to Hatteras. He said it was beautiful there now and I knew it would be.

Polly called us last night just to talk a while. She had talked to Ann and plans to go see her some weekend I think. She works at the hospital here in Normal.

I baked the little squash you gave me and it was very good. They take a long time to cook though.

Aren't you glad that Patty Hearst is finally in custody? I was so afraid she'd be caught in a shoot-out and be killed. Her parents have suffered so much and now they seem so happy to just have her alive. The girls' actions are beyond my imagination but I'm glad she's been caught.

I've started some laundry so I'd better see about that. Hope the weather is nice and that you are fine."



NOTE: If you need to refresh your memory about the Patty Hearst ordeal, take a look.


  1. Ah! I was too impatient by a day. ;)

    Though we know I am really waiting for '77.

  2. I'm sure that the big news would have been delivered in person during a spring visit to Richland. The '77 letters aren't complete unfortunately so we'll just have to see if anything exciting happens in the remaining letters:-) When Grandmother moved from her home, the letters were no longer saved:-(


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