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September 13, 1975 The Flying Trip, The Beautiful Day, The Tomato Crop, The School Affairs and The Annual Bazaar

Dear Mother,

"My letter of last week made a flying trip, didn't it? You can never tell how long it will take.

It is a perfectly beautiful day but real cool and frost is predicted for tonight. I've brought some of my plants in and may bring the geraniums in later. I can't believe that it will frost so early but we've been warned. Summer seems to be ending so fast.

I had intended to can some tomatoes in the jars I brought back and got them all washed but the tomato crop is over except for a few to slice and they are getting scarce. The man we buy from has only a few more. I'm still working on the apples. They sure make good pies.

School affairs have started now so I don't have much free time now. There was a tea Tuesday and we're going to the opening football game tomorrow night.

B & I have worked in the basement several times and finally have the furnace room all cleaned up. It won't take long to do the recreation room because I did that in the spring.

I finally finished up the dress I was working on but haven't worn it and may not get to this fall if it turns cold in a hurry.

Bob and Pat are spending this week at Cape Hatteras. I know they are having a wonderful time. It should be very pretty there now. Things are still real green here but if it does frost the leaves will turn in a hurry.

I had a letter from Ann this week and they are both busy at school again. She really likes her work. Bob has one class this year. He wasn't supposed to have any but a new dean had notions of his own.

The annual bazaar at the shopping center is on this weekend. Our church has a booth so everyone is expected to make something. I made some candles and some felt bookmarks. I don't like bazaars and I don't like to work in them so I didn't volunteer to work. I took my stuff out this morning and there was all sorts of handwork but I didn't buy anything and didn't even look very much.

We are having company for supper tonight so I'd better get busy. Hope your weather is nice like ours."



NOTE: The August letters are missing, but making big news during the summer of '75 was "Jaws".


  1. News of my brother must be in the missing letters! He's close to an appearance at this point, only three more months!


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