Monday, April 18, 2016

May 3, 1975 The Quilt Program, The Illinois Boy, The Potato Salad, The Little Garden and The Extra Things

Dear Mother,

"I'll try to get this week's letter mailed a little earlier. I'm still organizing Bob's & Pat's things so things are a little straighter.

I gave my quilt program again this week and there was a nice group there. It was a beautiful day and the final meeting for their club so they had a potluck luncheon. I took several quilts and my blocks and they enjoyed them all. Some of them brought old blocks they had kept many years.

I'm going to a luncheon and a shower for Lynn today. She is being married in June to an Illinois boy but he is a lawyer in Jefferson City. He went to school at Mo. U. I suppose they will live in Jefferson City but I haven't had but one chance to talk to her and that was only a few minutes. I don't see Tony much either.

There is an awful lot going on right now--so much at school. Wednesday night was the dinner for retiring faculty and then we went to a concert from here. We went to another one last night.

I have to be a deaconess tomorrow and then there is a supper & party for the minister and his family. I'm going to take deviled eggs (eggs were cheap this week), potato salad and chicken salad. That way I can fix it when I get time and won't have to cook at the last minutes. Yesterday morning was so pretty I went grocery shopping early so I have my chicken and potatoes already cooked.

It seems as if we can't have a long & pretty day. It always clouds up and today is going to be all cloudy and rainy. B manages to keep the dandelions dug but I haven't done much of anything in the yard.

I made a lace jacket this week to wear over an old sleeveless formal. It looked nice and I wore it to the dinner. The dress is one I had before Bob was married but is still pretty.

Ann & Bob are fine. Their classes are over now and they just have final exams left for this semester. Both of them are going to summer school. Bob has made a little garden and I guess it is doing fine.

My rhubarb is almost big enough to pull. There is only one clump but it is growing awfully fast right now.

I keep thinking I'll get started on my painting but there hasn't been any time. There is so much that needs doing it will take all summer. I don't know what kind of vacation we'll take but B will have to take one to get some rest and get away from the hectic school problems.

Commencement day is May 17 and there are always extra things that day. Then we're invited to a wedding & reception that day so it is going to be busy.

I hope you are fine."



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