Wednesday, April 20, 2016

May 17, 1975 The Lively Town, The Jacket Dress, The Red Sandals, The Ceiling Paint and The Lunch

Dear Mother,

"This is a lively and noisy town today. It is commencement day and it is just over. B has been home with his cap and gown and gone back to the office. I didn't go to graduation since there are never enough seats for the families coming to see their kids graduate. By mid-afternoon most of the students will be gone and things will be quiet until classes start again on Monday.

We are going to a wedding this afternoon in the Catholic chapel. I've never been inside it. The reception runs thru the dinner hour so it must be a full meal.

I've been sewing for myself this week and finished a jacket dress this morning. If it looks right when I put it on I'm going to wear it to the wedding. It's green & white and pretty plain.

You didn't have to take the sleeves out of your dress, did you? I had taken off the shoulders but the sleeves did look awfully long. I think it's better to get them too long than too short and I thought it would be easy to hem them up so I left them. Did it fit everywhere else? I had already bought the purse in Chicago when you wrote that you'd bought a white one. Anyway, now you have one to match both pairs of summer shoes.

B gave me some red sandals for Mother's Day. I'd been wanting some & they are very pretty. We had a nice day, too. We drove to a big shopping center where they have beautiful landscaping. There were hundreds of tulips and flowering trees. People were just sitting in the sun looking at the flowers. It was a very beautiful day. Ann called that evening after we got home. Bob called mid-week. He'd been trying to call and couldn't catch us at home.

Things have been so busy for the past month. I hope after next week that I'll have a little time of my own.

We have ceiling paint now so I hope to get started on that one of these days. I looked at wallpaper for the bathroom but didn't find anything. The paper we have is so pretty but it is so discolored it has to be replaced. I dread that.

It is noon & B should be coming soon so I'd better get some lunch ready.

Hope you are fine."



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