Tuesday, April 19, 2016

May 10, 1975 The Flower Bed, The Busy Week, The Discarded Clothes, The Ping Pong Table and The Funny Program

Dear Mother,

"It is going to be a beautiful day. We have had some nice ones this week as well as some rainy ones. Our backyard looks so pretty and fruit trees in the neighborhood are in full bloom along with the lilacs. I made a flower bed around the back porch and put geraniums and petunias in among the violets that we already there.

This has been another busy week. I had my book club here Monday morning and then went to Travel Club in the afternoon. I used my petunia plants in a basket for my centerpiece that morning and they looked real pretty. It was a flat fruit basket so I just lined it with foil and stuffed it full of plants--dirt & all. They stayed fresh that way & then I set them out that evening.

The Salvation Army came after Bob's & Pat's discarded clothes Wednesday morning and then I worked in the basement to get it a little more orderly. It looks better at least.

Thursday morning I went to the dentist. He's replacing that old bridge I've had so many years. It was broken in the back. The temporary one doesn't look too good but will be o.k for a couple of weeks.

As You Like It had a luncheon on Thursday afternoon and that was nice. Last night we went to the last dinner meeting of the year for College Alumni Club.

My red/white/blue quilt top is all ready to be quilted now. I bought red lining for it but will not try to start the quilting until Bob & Pat's things are all taken by the movers. I need the ping pong table to spread the quilt on when I get it ready for the hoops. My books say to baste it all together real well before putting in in the hoops.

I cut out a dress for myself and have it pinned together but wasn't in the mood to start sewing on it. It is a jiffy pattern and should be easy.

I hope your dress fits. It should because I adjusted the shoulders so be sure & try it on before you take out any seams.

We had quite a celebration at church last Sunday. It was a special farewell party for the minister & his family so it really was a nice day. The girl who was to help me fix communion didn't show up (she forgot) so I really had to rush to get it all done. We went back for supper & the church was packed. They had a funny program and everyone had a good time.

Ann's classes at M.U. are over and she has only 3 more weeks of teaching. She plans to go to summer school so that will be starting before long.

I must stop & write to her so I hope you are fine and will have a happy day tomorrow."




  1. It was about this time that we found out the Kid #1 was on the way. No sonograms in those days, so not much else was known other than we found a good obstetrician downtown and got a non-availability statement from the Ft Bragg Army hospital so we could expect delivery some place decent.
    Boy, that first kid sure turns the world upside down!!

  2. Upside down is right!! Congratulations again:-)


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