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January 11, 1975 The Delightful Winter, The New Semester, The Travel Club, The Interesting Experience and The Flying Snow

Dear Mother,

"I'm drying my hair and writing this on my knee so it may be pretty scribbly. My hair is getting so long it gets too stringy looking if I don't wash it a lot and it takes so long to dry.

Our delightful winter weather is over and like the rest of the country the last two days have been miserable. We had almost 2 inches of rain Thursday night so I've been sweeping water into the basement drains. We are thankful it wasn't snow. The wood pile was so wet the logs dripped when I brought them in for the fireplace. The wind started blowing yesterday and is still blowing around 50 - 60 miles an hour. The temperature went up to 59ยบ yesterday in spite of the wind but dropped fast and it will be around zero tonight.

Today is a busy one at school so B is working. Classes in the new semester began Monday.

One of Alene Whittenberg's grandaughters is here for the semester and went to see B yesterday. She is from Moscow, Idaho, I think he said.

Two of my clubs had meetings this week and I've tried to make Ann a dress but didn't get it finished.

Our Travel Club met with a member who lived in Taiwan and Bangkok for six years. She did the program and showed some of the special things she collected while there. Her husband was with the CIA and retired this past year. Their house is a museum. A few pieces might be all right but they have a huge house full of it and it is crowded.

My program on quilts which I gave several times last year has led me to another interesting experience. Our art gallery at the university is going to have an exhibit on quilts which will open here but be sent all over the state as part of the bicentennial celebration. The museum director has asked me to help with it. We're going to talk about it next week and then I'll know more about the things I'll have to do. I'm real excited about it even if I do expect it to be a lot of extra work. I've been reviewing the material I used in my program and went to the library for books. I've read three this week so my time has been pretty full.

Sometime, I have to stop and get a program ready for As You Like It which is only a month away. I plan to do a book review but haven't started it.

We haven't heard from the children this week. Bob was to be in the intensive care unit and on 24 hr. duty every third day so you know he doesn't have time for anything else. He won't get much sleep there when he's on night duty & will be exhausted most of the time, I know.

Ann was to see the doctor last Monday just to be checked. She must be all right or Bob would have called. He's good about that. Their classes have started by now so they are busy, too.

The snow is flying so we are probably in for a long, cold session of real winter.

I drove for H.E.L.P. last week, too, but it didn't take but 1½ hours. Sometimes it takes all morning. Now I probably won't be called for 3 or 4 weeks.

It is almost noon so I'd better get some lunch ready. Hope you are fine. Stay away from colds and the flu if you can."



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