Saturday, April 9, 2016

February 22, 1975 The Singing Redbird, The Window Shopping, The Huge Bookstore and The Colored Broadcloth,

Dear Mother,

"It is dark and rainy this morning but a redbird has been singing and that sounds like spring. Yesterday was quite warm so almost all of the snow is gone. It has stayed on a long time.

Bob & Pat came last night about supper time but aren't up yet. He has a few days off but she doesn't so they'll go back Sunday.

B and I are going to a meeting in Chicago on Wednesday and will be there until Saturday afternoon. We'll be at the Hilton Hotel. Bob and I are planning to go to the Art Museum while we are there. It will be nice for both of us since Pat and B will be busy. I hope the weather is nice because I always do a lot of window shopping. Last year it poured rain one day and I got soaked getting back to the hotel. There isn't anything I especially want to look for except books. Bob & I will do that together for he loves to browse in the huge bookstore. In fact, all of us do and you would, too. It is almost like a library there are so many books. I can spend hours in there just looking.

I bought some unbleached muslin for dishtowels and it isn't very heavy but will be fine for this. One of the fabric shops had a sale and I got it for 22¢ a yard. That's an unheard of price for any material now and maybe I should have got more but didn't. They also had pieces of colored broadcloth for the same price and I got some of that for quilt blocks. The colors weren't too good so I just got tans & browns for the most part. They were short pieces and I went back for more but nothing was left. There weren't any reds or yellows which is what I wanted but at least, I have some pieces. It is hard to find nice plain colors here. Maybe there will be more in the summer.

My bridge fits real well. I forget about it but my face feels better with it in. It's funny how two missing back teeth can let your face muscles sag. I really think they did.

The University hired the man B went to see in Alabama but he won't be here till summer. After all our troubles the University is finally getting straightened out again.

I must write to Ann so I'd better do that before the kids get up. Hope you are fine."



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