Friday, April 8, 2016

February 15, 1975 The Freezing Rain, The Golf Clubs, The New Bridge, The New York Times and The Old Fashioned Kind

Dear Mother,

"We're still having winter and more is coming, I guess. We have freezing rain today but I think it has warmed up a bit so the streets aren't glazed as they were last night. I shopped early yesterday and was sure glad I did when things iced over.

B is catching up with his work at the office since he was gone again this week. He went to Portland, Maine this time to see a man about the same job and now the school will decide which man they want.

Beulah called last night to tell me Nobel was all o.k. and the surgery was over. I was sure glad to hear from her and she sounded happy and relieved. Anything like that is a big worry and she has such an imagination I know she was worried. I had written to her at Charlotte's and she had the letter.

Ann called yesterday too, and that was a treat. She just called to say happy Valentine's day. She had a little cold but felt fine and her throat was fine. Her children had made heart cookies at school. She and Bob planned to go to Kansas City today. His sister and brother are both there so they were going to stop in Marshall and then see them.

Chip plans to spend the weekend with Bob & Pat. He came by yesterday to get Bob's golf clubs and his family history stuff. Bob has a few days vacation coming up and is planning his time. They have found an indoor golf range so Pat has signed up for golf lessons and Bob hopes to use it, too. I hope she does learn to play for it is a nice game for couples to share.

I finished my sewing this week so am caught up, I guess you could say. There are some other things I want to make before spring but I don't have anything cut out.

I got my new bridge yesterday and it seems fine. Of course, my mouth feels full but it fits real well and I'll soon get used to it. The dentist is going to replace the tooth that has been there so long. The back of the tooth broke off 3 years ago. He said it might last a long time and then it could break any time so while I'm at it we'll just fix my whole mouth.

We did get to Peoria last Sunday afternoon. It was a bitterly cold day but a pretty day. We went to church and there was only a little crowd. The roads were clear so we went to a shopping center. I got me another quilt book and we found the Sunday New York Times. They fly them to Peoria. It was $1.25 but we bought one and spent all Sunday evening reading. We hadn't had one in years and sure enjoyed it. I'd love to subscribe to it but it would always be late coming by mail.

Don't buy any material for dish towels for me. I'll get some unbleached muslin and bring it when we come home. One of the stores advertised it last night at a special price so I'm going to look at it. It is expensive now but it comes in permanent press or the old fashioned kind. Permanent press is over $1.00 a yard.

Hope you are fine."




  1. Sorry, Grandmommy! My mom definitely never learned to play golf. ;)

    1. Math was just too much fun:-) Who needs golf when you've got calc!


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