Thursday, March 31, 2016

December 20, 1974 The Extra Something, The Last Minute Stuff, The Two Week's Vacation and The Beautiful Snow

Dear Mother,

"Thank you for the Christmas check. We'll get something extra with it that we ordinarily wouldn't buy. Bs mom gave me money, too and it is fun deciding what to get.

We still plan for the children to be here Xmas day so I've been out grocery shopping this morning and hope I won't have to go back to the store. We're going to have a roast instead of turkey and I hope everyone enjoys it. A turkey is easy to cook but the last minute stuff is kind of a nuisance.

Ann has been sick again but they think she'll still be able to come home. She'll have two weeks vacation and that should give her time to rest up. They won't stay here very long for Bob will have to work but I don't know yet how long they'll stay.

I'm so sorry about Aunt Beatrice and hope she's better. She is just simply worn out, isn't she? They sure have had a time.

We had a beautiful snow this week and it is still on but getting slushy. It came so hard and fast it was hard to believe.

I'm going to a coffee this afternoon. I always enjoy going after I get there but just hate to get out when it is nice and warm inside. There have been too many things to go to and there are still several.

This isn't much of a letter but there just isn't any news. Hope you are fine. Hope Christmas is a beautiful day for you. Anytime is o.k. to open your packages. B's mom said she waited until she thought we were out of town."




  1. One more Rancho Cordova story: our electricity came from the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District aka "SMUD" and in January '75 our SMUD bill was $6.00. Yes. Six dollars and we went into a frenzy of turning off lamps!

    1. Just like learning how to do without much gas during the shortages that would come, you were smart to get used to less light! Actually, utilities back then were an important part of our budgets and $6.00 was significant!


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