Friday, March 18, 2016

August 31, 1974 The Permanent, The Painting, The Rain, The Good Daddy and The Knit Caps

Dear Mother,

"This is the last day of August. Summer has gone so fast and it seems I didn't get much done. This past week has been a good one though, and if I had a few more like it everything would soon be in tip-top shape.

I got a permanent on Monday and that took all morning. I've been painting most of the rest of the week on the woodwork. It sure is an improvement although it is the same color. It was chipped and scratched so the paint helped. Now if I could get some of the walls touched up I'd be happy. The porch rail has to be next though. It is wrought iron so it is rusting. B scraped it last night with a wire brush so maybe we can get it undercoated sometime today. He has gone to the office in hopes he won't have to go the rest of the weekend. It is cloudy today but we're supposed to have a nice weekend.

We had a wonderful rain all day Wednesday. The grass is getting green and the air is so cool and nice.

I had a letter from Patty after she got home. She was so glad to be home. Bob had taken her birthday pantsuit with him when he was here and she wanted me to know it fit. Her mother has had surgery so isn't able to do anything for six weeks. She is getting along fine and will be much better when she gets over this.

Ann called one afternoon and Bob's mother is in the hospital. She had to have a breast removed and they were concerned about that, of course. Bob's classes have started and Ann's were supposed to but some kids had vandalized her building (some volunteer workers) and it was having to be cleaned and painted. She was mad about it.

I thought about Daddy on his birthday, too. There are so many happy and funny things to remember about him. He was a good Daddy.

Did I tell you I've been knitting caps for the church bazaar? I'm using up scrap yarn but the different colors make real pretty sock caps. I wish you could see them but the bazaar is next week.

We'll just have a weekend when we come so it won't be any longer than usual.

Do you still have some pain pills for your back? I hope you're taking them. Maybe it will get better if you let those muscles relax.

By next week we can probably tell you when we'll be coming home. Things are really busy at school and there are people everywhere."



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