Friday, February 5, 2016

January 19, 1974 The Volunteer Driving, The Other Things, The Student Crowd, The Nice Letter and The Christmas Goodies

Dear Mother,

"Things have warmed up and part of the snow is gone but there is just so much of it, it will take awhile. The rain has started now so maybe that will help wash it away.

I'm doing my volunteer driving today so I am parked at a doctor's office waiting for a young mother & her tiny baby. We took the Mustang to the garage early this morning so I'm driving the Buick. We never have had to get any work done on the Mustang but it hasn't been shifting right so we thought we'd better keep it in shape. I'd hate to give it up because we use it most of the time.

I have my program on quilts all ready now so will have some time for other things. I did a little more work on it this morning & think it is ready. The wool comforter is going to be real pretty. It is all basted together and I've tacked a couple of blocks. That is hard to do because it is so thick. It is still spread on the pingpong table so I can work a little bit at a time but I am anxious to get it all finished.

I went to a luncheon yesterday and both of us are going to a dinner tonight. Last night we went over to school to hear Ruckelshaus speak. He was very interesting and most of the crowd were students. It was a free program for anyone who wanted to come so there was a big crowd.

Today is Bob's birthday. He is 26. That doesn't seem possible. We had wanted to go see them this weekend but he has to work all weekend so we'll go another time. We had a nice letter from him yesterday and they are fine. They had stayed several days with some children they have sat with several times. Bob asked us to send his clarinet and we can't imagine why.

They all seem to be getting interested in music. Ann said Bob had bought a harmonica and was playing that. She hadn't had school several days because of the bad weather.

We're about to finish up the Christmas goodies except a few things I put in the freezer. B has taken his lunch twice this week so that uses up cookies and potato chips.

There really isn't much news and we are fine. B's mom wrote that Horace's family has had the flu. I sure hope you don't get it. If that is going around, maybe it is just as well that you can't go to church. Stay in where it is warm."



NOTE:  William Ruckelshaus was the head of the Environmental Protection Agency from 1970 - 1973.


  1. Hard to imagine that tiny baby in the ad is 42 years old now. If we were at home, we used cloth diapers on our first with Pampers being a convenience for travel. Second kiddo got half and half. Third was entirely a Pampers baby. In the modern world, son (our #2) and DIL have a standing order with Amazon for however many diapers to be delivered to their door.
    I remember admiring Ruckelshaus during the Watergate investigation. He was Deputy Atty General and resigned rather than obey Nixon's demand to fire Archibald Cox.

  2. Your great comment has me curious about the Pampers baby! I may need to do some research and see what that 42 year old is up to these days. Although not the Pampers brand, my MIL had disposable diapers left over from the 1940s and we used them to wrap the legs of our piano when we moved to Philadelphia!

    I recall that Ruckelshaus was one who held his own during that entire era.


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