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January 12, 1974 The Weather Map, The Retired Husband, The Quilt Program, The Today Show and The Pingpong Table

Dear Mother,

"I haven't had your letter this week but I have watched the weather map so know what you have been having. Just stay indoors no matter how long it is between letters.

Our weather is terrible too but we didn't get 6 inches of snow last night as they promised. We have snow piled everywhere and it is getting so high I can't toss it over. Together, B & I have kept the porch and part of the walk clean but it has been an everyday job. They say it will be warmer next week and then we'll have mud but we'll all be glad to see it.

I have enjoyed staying at home, though. We had As You Like It yesterday for the first time since early December and one of the retired husbands took us. He wouldn't let his wife drive and I couldn't get out of the driveway. We'll dig out tomorrow.

I've been working on my program all week. I think I told you I was going to do it on quilts. There is so much to read about and it is very interesting.

I pieced some samples and that really takes a long time. One block was like the one I told you about that is finished as you go and doesn't have to be quilted. It is pretty but it is hard to do. Of course, it would get easier with a little practice.

This is Saturday. The telephone rang and I didn't get back to my letter. B has gone to the office. Registration for the new semester started this week and students couldn't get here so it will go on for awhile. Classes start next week anyway but some students may be late starting.

I'm sending part of last Sunday's church bulletin. I thought it was a nice prayer. We had a good crowd in spite of the cold and the change in time.

We didn't have any trouble getting used to the time but I'm slow starting every morning because it is so dark when B leaves. It seems like the middle of the night so I've been watching the Today Show. It is nice to have the long afternoons, though.

We've been enjoying the fireplace during this cold weather. We have kept wood on the back porch so it is easy to get but I've used all of that and so today I hope we can shovel a path to the woodpile on the patio. The snow would be over my boot tops. The weatherman said it would warm up next week but the sun is on the thermometer now and it is still 2º below. I think it was 10º below when we got up.

I have my wool quilt spread out on the pingpong table ready to start work on it but I don't know when that will be. It is so pretty & I can hardly wait to get it done. I think I told you I'm putting a dacron batt in it so it will be extra warm.

I'd better see what I can find for lunch. B should be coming soon.

Stay indoors as long as the bad weather keeps up but keep warm.  Your letter just came so I'm glad to know you are o.k. "



NOTE:  Pictured are a few of Bonnie's quilt blocks. I believe she made 12 blocks for her presentation. By the 1980s, her collection of quilt books was nearing 150 volumes.

About the time change: On January 4, 1974, President Nixon signed the Emergency Daylight Savings Time Energy Conservation Act. On January 6, 1974, everyone set their clocks ahead.

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