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December 29, 1973 The Girls' Clothes, The Wonderful Time, The Electric Skillet and The Mess

Dear Mother,

"I'm all mixed up on my days and here it is Saturday. Bob & Ann left about 8:00 this morning but Bob B. came back mid-morning so we still have some of them. Everyone got here Christmas day but Bob had to leave before daylight to get back to the hospital on the 26th. Patty stayed here since he had to be on duty most of the time. It was snowing when Bob & Ann left but the sun is out now and the snow is melting.

The girls' clothes fit real well except I got Pat's dress too long. I was afraid I'd get it too short so didn't mind hemming it up a bit. I hope your sleeves aren't too hard to fix. Do you just take out the top part?

We've had a wonderful time with the children here but B had to work most of the time. He just had Christmas Eve and Christmas day off. We are going to Bones for dinner today but I think we'll be the only ones there. None of the other families who normally come are able to be there. As our children grow older it is harder to get us all together.

Polly got home for Christmas and came over to see us. We gave her an electric skillet for a wedding present. Her husband seems very nice and friendly. He is an electrical designer. He plans electrical systems for buildings. Polly seemed happy. They stayed quite awhile and then came back to see Ann after she got here. There was a lot of giggling and squealing.

Polly's dad is getting better and is at home now. He still has a cast but he can get around by using a walker. I don't think he has pain anymore but he looks tired. One foot was crushed pretty badly but they think the toes will be all right.

I don't have anything on my calendar next week so I hope I can get caught up on a few things. I don't do much housework when the children are here so things are pretty much of a mess. We still have our tree up, too.

This isn't much of a letter but maybe I can do better next time."



NOTE:  This isn't much of a post, but maybe I can do better next time! Thank you for reading another year of letters, for your emails and for your comments!

Here's the #1 Christmas song for 1973:

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