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December 15, 1973 The Fun Things, The Christmas Parties, The Memorial Service, The Red Shoes and The Santa Parade

Dear Mother,

"I was surprised that you hadn't gotten your package but maybe the P.O. wasn't fooling us after all. I hope it does get there for Christmas.

My sewing is all done and I've started baking. The house smells so good and that is one of the fun things to do at Christmas.

I had two club meetings this week and they were Christmas parties of course. With gift exchanges. We have to make something for one of them so took jelly for that. My gift was a Christmas cactus ready to bloom and now it is in full bloom. The woman who brought it always brings a plant or flower. Her husband is retired and has a small greenhouse. Sometimes she brings orchids but she said they weren't blooming yet. I was happy about the cactus for mine will not bloom.

We have snow today and it is still coming but we didn't have a storm like they had in Chicago this week. We haven't talked to the children but the radio said schools were closed. It is vacation time so they really missed only a day or two but they probably had parties planned.

We have to go to a memorial service this morning for one of our faculty members. His funeral was a week ago in another town but he taught here for many years and had retired in August. He's not old but had heart trouble for many years.

I had letters from both Beulah and Bessie this week. All of you must have had a good time last week. It made me wish we could be there, too.

Thanks so much for the Christmas check. I think I'll buy me some red shoes with part but will wait until there is more time to look for them.

We went to Chicago last Saturday but didn't even talk to Bob and Pat. They had things going on so we didn't even bother them. We woke up real early for some reason so just got up and went real early. We got most of our shopping done before noon and before the crowds got thick. The stores were just jammed after noon and there was a Santa parade on State Street which made things worse so we came home early. We finally bought a new breakfast set but won't have it for three months or so. It had to be ordered. We've hunted one for months so it won't hurt to wait awhile longer. The table is walnut formica with chrome legs and the chairs are chrome with yellow seats. It should be pretty. I took a piece of wallpaper along so we could match the color.

The young people put up the Christmas tree at church and made the decorations. It is a beautiful tree. They made the Chrismons that the folder explains. I think some Lutheran church made the designs for these several years ago and there are dozens of them. Pat's grandmother's church in Atlanta made a set one time and spent months on them. She said they were like jewels because they went all out with beads and glitter and all sorts of fancy trims. I'd like to see them sometime.

I'd better get dressed and I have to write the children. I had a card from Polly and she sounds fine."



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