Thursday, February 18, 2016

April 20, 1974 The Dandelions, The Bluebells, The Border Print, The Summer Suit and The Spring Cleaning

Dear Mother,

"It is a perfectly wonderful day and I can hardly stay indoors. I went out a few minutes while B dug dandelions but didn't dare start pulling weeds or I'd never get the indoor work done. I have a clump of bluebells in bloom and they are beautiful. One early peony is budded but the others aren't even in leaf yet. People will really be making gardens today.

I finished my suit this week and a long dress. Maybe you remember the piece of yellow border print I bought last summer when we were in Lebanon one day. It was a remnant but I got a plain dress out of it. It is real pretty. The suit needs a blouse like the pattern shows, but I dread to make it and I do have an old blouse I can wear.

We had a real good time in Chicago but didn't see the children. We just took our time and did the things we wanted to do. On the way in we stopped at Lee Wards so I could match some yarn. There was so much left from Ann's afghan that I've been making a simple one for myself out of it and I needed a little more to finish it. We have to go a different way when we go to Lee Wards so we don't usually get near it but thought we'd do it this time since we were just taking our time. B got a summer suit, too. He needs a 43 long and that is not an easy size to find so we don't even try to find him one around here. I got a new white purse while the selection was good and I'll save it for good and use my old one for ordinary wear this summer. It looks a little shabby but will do for that.

Has Marjorie moved yet? I owe Bessie a letter but she didn't mention her in the last one.

Shirley's quilt sounds real pretty. I know she will be thrilled. I guess my quilting lady has forgotten me for it has been months now since I heard from her. Of course, she could have tried to call me when I was gone.

There is so much on the calendar for the rest of the school year I dread it. There is a dinner and concert tonight and that will be four nights we've been out this week. There is a reception tomorrow afternoon, too. They get a little tiresome but we're expected to show up.

B has gone to the office now so I'd better get the floors mopped.
You are sure doing well on your spring cleaning. I haven't even thought about it.

Hope you are fine and that you have this beautiful day, too."



NOTE: The yellow dress pictured above sounded familiar to me and sure enough, I found it with a bunch of old clothes that have spent the last 3 decades in a trunk of "dress-ups" for grandchildren.

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