Wednesday, January 20, 2016

September 5, 1973 The Gorgeous Weather, The Few Stitches, The Italian Plums, The Rock Tumbler and The Jewelry Class

Dear Mother,

"We have had a week of gorgeous autumn weather. The evenings have been cool enough for a little heat but I've used the oven for baking so we haven't had the furnace on. I hope you'll use the gas log when it is chilly. He said to light it just like your oven. Light your match, hold it over the jets, push the button down & turn. It was completely noiseless. I was so glad he came while we were there. Now you are all set for winter.

If we get back before it gets too cold I'll trim that bush down. I expect the city takes care of brush that is piled up and it is probably part of the fee you pay for garbage pick-up. We do the same thing here. It just has to be cut in lengths that can be handled easily.

I filled in the few stitches on Bob's quilt that were missed. There were only a few and I thought I'd never find the spot so it is no wonder you missed them. I used the deepest pink thread I'd brought home and had more than enough.

We stopped at a fruit stand in Pittsfield, Illinois last Sunday and got some honey and fruit. I bought some Italian plums so had to put those in the freezer on Monday.

The rest of the week I've sewed. I finished a pant suit for myself and have a dress ready to hem.

Ann & Bob were fine. Their apartment is real pretty and plenty big for them. We weren't there but a few minutes. She gave me some rocks to put in my tumbler for her class. I have it started but it takes a long time to smooth them off. She has 12 students and the oldest is 16 so they aren't as old as she expected. She says they are awfully good and try so hard.

I'm so glad you're feeling better. Maybe you're finally on the mend but don't push yourself just because you feel better. Keep up the resting.

There isn't going to be a jewelry class this fall in adult education. I am disappointed but can work on my own. I always learned something new though, and enjoyed going.

I haven't even made the bed this morning so I'd better get it done. We're going to the football game this afternoon and it is a wonderful day for it. I don't like to go when the weather is bad."



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