Tuesday, January 19, 2016

September 1, 1973 The Two Letters, The Busy Day, The Maple Tree, The Full Tank and The First Game

Dear Mother,

"It has been nice having two letters from you this week. I had your usual letter which you wrote Monday and got the one you wrote yesterday, today. That's pretty quick.

We have no idea what time Ann & Bob will get here. Of course, I've already started looking for them and thought I'd write my letter before they get here. They may wait and drive tonight since it is so hot. This heat is terrible. It does cool off in the evening but it's terribly humid. We worked in the yard last night and my hair was like fuzz when we came in.

Bob & Pat will not be here this weekend. Bob will be working. It would be a nice surprise if they did come for a day but we're not expecting them.

I, too, thought of Daddy all day on his birthday. That was a busy day but he was on my mind all day long.

It doesn't seem possible that this is the end of August. Our lawn is beginning to look a bit brown but it is time and some leaves are coming off the maple tree. It always starts early even before they start changing color. It is going to be winter before we know it but I hope we have a long fall. We didn't have much last year.

Do you have a full tank of gas? If not, maybe you should have it filled now. There is a lot of talk about rural areas not getting gas this fall so I think you'd better get your order in now. They might not fill it completely because of the need for expansion in the heat but let them put in as much as they can. Besides, it may be cheaper now than later. I don't mean to sound bossy but I think it would be a good idea and I have intended mentioning this for weeks & kept forgetting it every time I wrote.

We put the certificate in our safe deposit box at the bank. It sure didn't take long to get the whole thing fixed up.

Buddy & Bessie probably won't go to the Parks' reunion if the weather stays this hot. I don't think he goes anywhere that isn't air conditioned. I think the doctor told him not to. Maybe things will cool down before Sunday.

I can hear the college band practicing for the first football game in two weeks. It isn't much like football weather now.

Hope you feel like going to church again this week."



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