Saturday, January 23, 2016

October 6, 1973 The Cooler Nights, The Quilting Lady, The Extra Days and The Terrible Ordeal

Dear Mother,

"I hope you finally got my letter. We mailed it on Saturday, as usual, and drove into Bloomington to do it because mail goes out quicker from there. We were going after tomatoes so mailed it on the way.

We'll probably go get more tomatoes today. So far, we haven't had any frost but the nights are getting cooler and we've had the furnace on a little. The sun is coming out now and it looks as if it will be a beautiful day. I wish we could take a trip but there are two receptions tomorrow.

I've been working on Ann's afghan every chance I get and I'll soon be ready to finish it off. Several rows have to be crocheted around it so that will take awhile. Then it has some fringe but it sure is going to be pretty.

I looked at that funny quilt pattern again and I don't think I could copy it for Beulah. I'll just have to bring it sometime. I sent her a piece of needlepoint for her birthday so that will keep her busy for awhile. She said her quilt was almost done.

I'm beginning to worry about my quilting lady. She didn't feel too well the last time I talked with her so I hope she isn't sick.

I'm glad your check from Bloomington Federal got there on time. You must remember that the next check will not be that big because there were extra days added to this one. There were a few days left in August so we told them to add that to the check rather than send a tiny check at the end of August.

It is too bad Uncle Francis won't agree to go to the hospital, even for a little while. That would give them all a rest. It has been a terrible ordeal for them.

Ann is still happy at school. She writes to the children's parents regularly and said she'd had some real nice letters from them.

She has agreed to play the organ for a Methodist church thru November. She's not sure she wants to do it all of the time because it would tie them down so much. I don't blame her.

It's about time to start raking leaves but B had to mow the lawn yesterday so chopped up a lot of them.

There isn't much news so I'll stop and get dressed. We just had breakfast so I haven't done much this morning."


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