Tuesday, January 26, 2016

October 27, 1973 The Falling Temperature, The Potluck Group, The Shrinking Polyester, The Sour Dough and The Fuzzy Hair

Dear Mother,

"Our lovely fall is over, I guess. Today is a cold, rainy day and the temperature is falling. It is going to be hard to get used to cold weather. We don't have the leaves raked but there are still quite a few on the trees. I raked them one morning but the ground was covered again the next morning. We have spent a lot of time in the yard this week and got bushes trimmed and things like that done. The windows are terrible but they can't be done today in the rain.

Our potluck group comes here tonight and Sorensens are coming down from Rock Island. They were part of this group before they moved to Rock Island.

I'm glad the will is all taken care of. Now you won't have to think any more about it.

There must be loads of walnuts this year. Sally and her boys have been picking them up, too. I still have some in my freezer from last year and B's mom is going to get me some from Velda's mother.

Don't make your dress too tight and it will be all right. The polyester does shrink some and you should always wash it before you make it up. Why don't you wash the dress before you hem it? That might help. Just use warm or cold water though. The clerks in the stores tell me everything washable should be shrunk now--even nylon.

We had a card from Bob yesterday. He's been on duty every third night so has been awfully busy. He won't be having any free weekends for a long time. Ann and Bob are just as busy. He's teaching a class and counsels eight people besides his regular class work. Ann says he spends every night in the library. She really enjoys her organ job at the church. The people are so nice and the music is nice. She's had to practice and that's good for her.

Did I tell you I had started some sour dough? I made some bread and it was good but didn't taste any different. I have several new bread recipes I want to try but haven't had time. I finally found that Top of the Stove Dressing mix and it is real good. I'll try to bring you some the next time we come if I don't forget.

I have quite a bit to do before our company comes so I'd better get started. My hair has to be rolled up, too. We were out in the drizzle this morning so I'm kind of fuzzy.

Hope you are feeling lots better."



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