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October 13, 1973 The Green Tomatoes, The Long Sleeves, The Interesting Program, The Knitting Group and The Agnew Children

Dear Mother,

"We are still having our beautiful weather but it is cooler tonight and keeps trying to rain. I'm afraid our summer is about over. We went after tomatoes again this evening but even the tomatoes are beginning to look like the end of the season. They are getting smaller and more sour. The man said he still had lots of green ones so we'll keep eating them till it frosts.

I hope to make some preserves next week and if I can find time, I want to try Beulah's pickle recipe.

I finished a shirtwaist this week but haven't worn it yet. It has long sleeves and a lot of stitching on it so was a lot of work.

One of my clubs met Thursday and we had a real interesting program on religion in Russia. The man who gave the program is a minister and has been to Russia twice. He showed pictures and talked about them.

There was a reception last Sunday and there is another one this Sunday. We also went to the first play of the year on Thursday night.

Our knitting group was Tuesday night so this has been a busy week. I'm putting the border on Ann's afghan now and it gets prettier all the time. I hope you get to see it.

I'm so glad Uncle Francis finally is satisfied in the hospital. Maybe they'll give him something to help him and I know the rest will help Aunt Beatrice and Cliffie.

Steve and another man stopped by a few minutes yesterday afternoon. They had been to Chicago on a buying trip and were on their way home so they stayed only a few minutes. B didn't even get to see them. Steve had talked to Bob & Pat on the phone.

If tomorrow is nice we want to take a ride to see the leaves. There aren't many that have changed but we don't have many chances to do this. It is pouring rain now so we may have to stay at home.

We heard the President's speech tonight and hope Mr. Ford will be a good vice-president. I feel so sorry for the Agnew children. They'll never be able to live down the disgrace. It is so unbelievable.

I hope you are feeling better."



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