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November 3, 1973 The Red Petunias, The Little Trip, The Halloween Insurance,The Sourdough Bread and The Hot Water

Dear Mother,

"We got up to a big frost this morning. I had a few bright red petunias left but they look pretty wilted now so I guess the frost got them. The leaves are beautiful around town but we haven't been out to the lake or anywhere to see them. They seemed to turn color overnight.

I hope Halloween wasn't a bad time for you. It had rained here so there seemed to be only a few children out early. We went to a ballet at school later so turned out the lights before we went. We usually leave them on when we're gone but people had been asked to turn them on if they had treats for children and we didn't want them to think we were home.

Our Travel Club went on a little trip Monday for our meeting. We drove to Monticello, Illinois (not far from Urbana) to a pioneer museum. There were three buildings filled with old things--everything from a horse-drawn hearse to a washboard. It was interesting.

I have finally made my appointment for my annual check-up and had my blood tests yesterday. I see the Dr. next Friday. I always put it off as long as I can. It's silly but I just don't like to go to the doctor--especially when I'm fine.

The college kids get all sorts of ideas for making money. A group of girls across the street went around the neighborhood selling Halloween insurance. For 50¢ they promised to clean up any messes we got on Halloween. No one soaped our windows or did anything else so we didn't need the insurance after all. We thought the idea was pretty funny but good, too.

What do you want for Christmas? We're beginning to think about it. I have a dress (long) cut out for Ann and Pat so I have started. Ann's is going to be terrible to make. She had given me the pattern and it took 7½ yards for the thing. There weren't many scraps left either.

I guess you've had to use the furnace. We have had ours on and have used the fireplace two nights. Have you tried the gas log? It should be easy to use.

Our potluck group had a wonderful evening when Sorensens were here. It had been years since we'd all been together so we had a lot to talk about. He plans to retire in 2 more years and they may rent an apartment in Normal. People seem to love this town after they live here awhile but it has changed a lot the last few years--as have all towns in the U.S.

We liked the sourdough bread and the pancakes were real good but it is sort of a nuisance to keep feeding the starter. I used all of my starter so don't have any now but I once kept it over a year. That starter had been given to me and it was good but much too sweet for anything but coffeecake. I'm sending a recipe you can give to Mrs. Adams. I thought I'd try it sometime but never did so can't tell her it is good. I always have a drawer full of recipes I hope to try so she can try this one and tell you how it is.

Your dress will probably be fine. I think it is the dryer that does the shrinking and you won't be using one so I wouldn't worry. Just don't use hot water when you wash it.

I must stop so we can get this mailed. Hope you are fine."



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