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November 17, 1973 The Letter Stack, The Dark Days, The Happy Town, The Grocery Prices and The Sleepy Day

Dear Mother,

"I seem to be on a letter-writing spree the last two days and haven't done much else. I owed letters to Beulah & Buddy both so did that yesterday besides a stack of others. Time goes so fast and I realized my last letter from Bessie was Sept. 15 so I got busy.

We still haven't heard from Ann about Thanksgiving so I'm going to plan as if they are coming. I'd love to come home but can't, of course, as long as they might come. Bob K. wrote that he is so busy in the daytime that he gets behind with his studying so he may have that to do. Bob & Pat are still planning to come down.

It has turned cold again and has been dreary and dark but the sun is out today. I can take the cold when the sun shines but I don't like the dark days.

Our University President has finally been appointed permanently and we are so happy. He is very young (34) but has been a good acting president and has done so much to get our school back on the track after our awful two years. The whole town is happy about it and the people around the president had a party for him this morning with coffee & cake. The secretaries planned it and did the work as a surprise for him and everyone was happy.

I'd like to read Charlotte's book on Truman. I was going to buy it but it was so expensive at the time that I never did. I haven't bought many books lately. I don't like the books the Literary Guild offers and I'm going to drop that club as soon as I buy my four that I have to buy.

Grocery prices are awfully high but meat is more reasonable than it was for awhile. I've been buying a little more than I did for awhile but it never will go back to last year's prices. Everyone needs meat, though, and we'll just have to pay for it. That's better than getting run down and sick. Are you still eating eggs and bananas every day? Be sure and do that as well as eating meat.

We haven't seen Polly since last summer. Her mother teaches at the University and she told B that Polly had married and was living in Chicago.

I did my volunteer driving today so didn't get much else done this morning. We are going to a reception at 5:00 and then to a dinner at 6:30. Last night we went to a play so I hope we get home early tonight. I've been sleepy today."

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: Among the most popular TV shows in 1973 were Mash, All in the Family, Maude, Mannix, Adam 12 and yes, The Waltons. It was the last year for The Doris Day Show and The Mod Squad.

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