Thursday, January 28, 2016

November 10, 1973 The Green Grass, The Big Cast, The Pattern Books, The Gas Tank and The Energy Speech

Dear Mother,

"Brr, it's cold here. The sun is out but I can't get used to it being so cold. We had some snow Thursday but it is all gone and the yard looks like fall again. The grass is still green and covered with leaves. It is much too cold to work outside but tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat warmer.

We haven't had your letter nor B's mom's letter this week. It is probably just the mail. Sometimes it comes so fast and then it will take days.

I had the rest of my physical yesterday and everything is fine, as I expected. I'm sure glad it is done.

Last night B & I went to the hospital to see Polly's dad. He's a carpenter at school and fell from a scaffold several days ago. His legs were hurt and one foot was crushed about like Buddy's was when he fell. He was sitting in a wheel chair all padded with pillows and has a big cast full of pins and wires on one leg from the knee down. He looked bad and said his feet hurt a lot but was glad to see us.

The mail just came and we had your letter. I still use the pattern books you gave me but the numbers change so often that I can't always get the patterns. I use them more for ideas, anyway.

I'm not making any jewelry now but am anxious to get started. I simply haven't had time. There isn't any class and when I don't have someone to push me I put off doing it. I have been trying to get the sewing out of the way first. The girls' dresses are almost done and then I'll start their pants suits. I hope nothing has be to changed on them at Christmas because I have to guess at length, etc. I have measurements but sometimes the style makes a big difference. Are people crocheting bead necklaces? I never did learn to do that.

You shouldn't have to worry about your gas tank for a long time. I know you haven't used that much. We use the fireplace almost every night and try to keep the thermostat a little lower than usual. I'm going to have to put on more clothes this winter.

Nixon's energy speech was good and I think everyone agrees with him. It's the first time I've believed anything he's said in a long time.

We still don't know whether Ann & Bob are coming for Thanksgiving. Bob & Pat hope to come for the day after he makes morning rounds at the hospital.

It is almost lunch time so I'd better stop. B is at the office but will be here soon.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE:  To see Nixon's Energy speech if interested, use the link.

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