Friday, January 1, 2016

May 27, 1973 The Warm Sun, The White Shoes, The Watergate Hearings, The Quilting Lady and The Rock Show

Dear Mother,

"I didn't get this written early enough so it will be a little late. Bob & Pat got here about 8:30 last night but Bob & Ann didn't get here until after midnight. We visited a bit but went to bed soon so we have really been visiting a lot today. It is so nice to have them all here together.

It has been a beautiful day but is raining now. The warm sun makes the peonies open so there are a few out now. Nothing seems to have a chance to grow with so many cold days though. The petunias I put out are still like they were. The buds haven't changed a bit.

Bob is building a bookcase to hold more of his books. He's spent a bit of his time today on it so he can stain it tomorrow. It's too big for his car so we'll take it to him when we go for graduation next Friday.

I hope your white shoes feel good. I finally got some and wore them this week for the first time. We went to a lecture at school one evening.

Ann's school is out but she plans to go to summer school and will start that on June 11, I think she said. She made all A's and really enjoyed being in school again. Her ballet lessons are all over and she said the teacher wasn't going to have classes any more. She's getting too old.

I'm still watching all the Watergate hearings that I can. It is a disgrace that it has happened but it will be a greater disgrace if they don't clean the whole thing up. I think they will do that & trust in the U.S. will be renewed.

My quilting lady called me today that my quilt was done but I told her I wouldn't be there until next week. She can't take another one for 2 or 3 weeks because carpenters are going to be working in the house and she doesn't want her frames to be in the way or the quilt to be dirty.

We drove to Springfield last Sunday afternoon to the rock show. It was a nice day and a nice show but it doesn't take long to see it all. We came home over country roads so the ride was interesting. I love to do that.

This isn't much letter but maybe I can do better next week when there isn't so much going on in our house.

Hope you are fine."



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