Sunday, January 3, 2016

June 9, 1973 The Gorgeous Day, The Buzzing Campus, The Little Yellow Tomatoes, The Watergate Hearings and The Batch of Rolls

Dear Mother,

"It's a perfectly gorgeous day but it going to be pretty warm all weekend. We're all so tired of rain that no one is complaining yet. This is graduation day for about 3600 students here so the gym will really be full of people. I had a ticket but sent it back. Too many other people want to go for me to take a seat. They even set up TVs in places on campus so anyone can see it if they can't get in the gym. The University is giving three honorary degrees to distinguished people and we went to to a reception for them yesterday evening. One is a black man who has done a lot of work on civil rights. Another is a woman who has become famous for creating artificial features for disfigured people (ears, etc.) and the third is former Secretary of Ag., Harden.

Campus is still buzzing over the President's resignation and we all got a little worried when a story went around that he was re-considering. We have been assured that he will leave June 21. The atmosphere on campus is so different already and B has relaxed until he looks like a different person.

The $5 sounds fine for Michael & Monica. It really is a lot of work to get a package mailed. I just hate to have to go to the Post Office. Parking is a real problem here and then we almost always have to stand in line when we get to the Post Office.

I put out some little yellow tomatoes and planted some squash seed. I just happened to see the seed in the store & thought I'd try. We really like it and it is always high.

Mrs. Follick hasn't called about my next quilt but I don't think she will very soon. They were going to lay carpet & lower the ceiling & I don't know what all. That will take a long time & I think the men work in the evening after their regular jobs. I'd think you would be a little tired of making quilts. I get a little tired of mine sometimes but if the Watergate hearings last long enough I'll get it finished. They are on about 4 hrs. a day Tuesday thru Thursday and I try to get my work done at other times so I can listen. It is still very interesting & completely surprising at times. I still believe it will be a good thing for all of this to come out and that a lot of dirty government will be cleaned up. We will be better for it. I haven't even read much about the British scandals.

The house next door looks as if the people are getting ready to leave and I hope they do. The curtains are down anyway. The place looks like "white trash". It's a real eyesore when the rest of the neighborhood looks so neat.

We are going to a dinner for Larsens tonight--just a small party. They are going on a trip to Japan. We were invited to go with the group but didn't think we could go. I think it's about three weeks. I'd love to go back but there are probably so many changes it would be a different place. The last of our missionary friends are visiting in the U.S. now and we really should invite them here.

The morning is almost gone and I haven't combed my hair. I guess I'd better do that before B comes for lunch. I've been working in the kitchen--made a batch of rolls. Wish I could bring you some.

Hope you are fine."



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