Wednesday, January 6, 2016

June 30, 1973 The Windstorm, The Relief, The Virus, The Dust and The Letter

Dear Mother,

"We've had some storms too and have had to clean up the yard again. It was full of leaves and sticks after a windstorm one afternoon.

I'm sure glad you went to the doctor and you must go back if he said to come. What were you doing to strain your back? The doctor bill is quite a bit but the tests are always high and what good is the money if you're miserable all the time. The relief is worth the price any time.

Bob & Patty stayed until Thursday evening. That gave Bob a day to get things done before he started to work this morning. He said there would be a staff meeting from 8 to 4 today and then they'd get their patients. They'd have to see each one of them so he won't be getting home very early tonight. He spent most of his time while he was home writing a paper to send to a medical magazine. He's had 3 taken but they haven't been published yet.

He and Patty were both sick while they were here. He said it was a virus and I was so afraid we'd get it but we haven't. They were fine when they went home.

Pat's classes begin on Monday. She is looking forward to them. Then she wants to go to Atlanta sometime this summer.

My quilting lady called to tell me not to bring any quilts until the end of the month. She said the work on the house was going so slow and everything was covered with dust.

Our dean will take over the presidency on July 1st so we're all glad about that. Things should be better but the old president is going to be around until October to write a report for the governing board. He hasn't been on campus at all recently so he may just stay away--we hope so.

I had a long letter from Mildred this week. She wanted us to come to see them this summer. It is too far this time but it was nice to hear from her. I must answer her letter soon.

I guess I'd better stop and clean up the kitchen a bit. The floor has to be scrubbed.

Hope you are feeling much better."



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