Saturday, January 2, 2016

June 2, 1973 The Good Time, The Wonderful Surprise, The Very Nice Things, The Pretty Nine-Patch and The Strawberry Shortcake

Dear Mother,

"There has been so much going on this week that I could hardly keep up with the days. The kids left Monday of course and it always takes awhile to get beds changed and things back in place. We really had a good time while they were here even if it rained most of the time.

The dinner for retiring faculty was Wednesday evening so we went to that as usual. During the president's speech he announced he was resigning. It was a wonderful surprise although we were expecting something to happen during the week. Things on campus had become almost intolerable and a legislative investigation had started into the new house built for the president. Our daily paper had been running articles on the president's spending of state money and a lot of other stuff--all true and well researched.

The town was beginning to realize what was going on. It has been an awful two years since he came and maybe now we can really get some things done at school. It is going to be very hard for awhile but I hope the new president will be one with some horse sense. We don't know who that will be of course, because they will be very careful about choosing one.

Thursday afternoon we went to Chicago for Bob's convocation and graduation. It was all very nice and both things were held at McCormick Place. The convocation was just for med students and they got their hoods and took the oath. Friday's graduation was for medical, dental & nursing students so it was a big group and there were mobs of people there.

After lunch B & I did some shopping and then came home. B got a summer suit.

I finally got my tomato plants out this morning. I finished in the rain but had bought them last Monday so had to get them in the ground. They look fine now. It is pouring now so we can't work outdoors any more today.

The peonies are getting pretty but the rain soon ruins them. The plants are sure big and full though. Roses are just beginning to bloom here.

We had an invitation to Mike's wedding too, but can't go that day. I have answered the invitation but haven't sent a gift yet.

Ann sent her grades for us to see--the four A's sure looked beautiful so I know she was proud of them. She's going to summer school and seems to enjoy all of it.

My nine-patch quilt looks real pretty now that it is quilted. The one I'm embroidering gets prettier all the time but there sure is lots of work on it. I think I'll try some needlepoint next and not do another quilt.

We are going to our potluck supper tomorrow night. I have to take dessert and think I'll take strawberry shortcake if I can find any good berries. We had some Memorial Day and they were terribly sour. They were real little and Bob said they tasted like wild strawberries.

Since I can't work outside any more today I guess I'd better take off my work clothes and clean up. My hair got damp and looks like a pile of fuzz but I can't do much about it today.

Hope you are fine."



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