Thursday, January 14, 2016

July 28, 1973 The Family Records, The Minnesota Place, The Potluck Group, The Quilting Lady and The Routine

Dear Mother,

"It's almost noon and I haven't done much of anything. B got up early to get some work done on the car but he left me to sleep and I did until almost 10:00. I guess that was a mistake. The car always needs things done after a long trip and he doesn't like to let it go, of course.

It seems a long time since our vacation. I've been trying to catch up on reading, Watergate, letter writing, etc. & still am behind. There was a letter here from Marjorie when I got home about some family records Bob had sent her. She didn't know what to do with them so I told her to either send them here or leave them with you sometime if she wanted to. Bob brought all of his family history here and left it so he wouldn't be tempted to work on it while he's interning.

We haven't heard from them this week but know they are o.k. They plan to go to Atlanta in August. It has been a long time--over a year--since they were there.

Ann & Bob will be moving a week from today. I know they will be glad. Bob hasn't taken vacation time so he could have a full year of work experience on his record and I know he is tired. They are going with the rest of Bob's family to a place in Minnesota where the Kennedy family went for many years. They are all anxious to go.

I told you I'd ordered a quilt pattern. It has come and sounds a little tricky. The blocks are finished as you work so there is no quilting & it doesn't have any batting. The material is folded & sewed until there are five thicknesses. I'll try a block one of these days & see how it goes.

Our potluck group meets tonight & I have to take vegetables. A neighbor brought me a big pan of green beans so I have them cooking. There are a few tiny green tomatoes on but not many. My squash are blooming a lot but I haven't found any squash yet.

The weeds were everywhere when we got home. I worked out about an hour one day and got so hot I had to quit. The day wasn't hot either but it has been so humid here.

You'd better leave the apples alone even if you do feel better. You just might topple over if you start stooping around. They aren't worth the risk.

I must call my quilting lady & tell her I'm home. Maybe she's ready to start quilting again. Why don't you do pillow cases or scarves or even another table cloth for your kitchen table? That wouldn't be as big a job as the quilt. I've been working on Ann's afghan but it grows very slowly. I'd like to get it finished before I take on anything else but I don't know whether I can or not. My shoulders ache if I work on it too much.

I must stop & get some cleaning done. It's been hard to get back to routine and I keep putting it off. Hope you are feeling better & better."



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