Sunday, January 31, 2016

December 8, 1973 The Slower Mail, The Inch of Snow, The Nice Tea, The Interesting Program and The Big Radio

Dear Mother,

"This has been a long and busy day and it is bedtime but we are going to Chicago in the morning and I want to mail this before we go. The mail gets slower every day but the real stacks of cards haven't started coming yet. I have most of mine ready to mail but it seems so early. The Post Office keeps telling us to get things sent so I mailed your Xmas package today. It is awfully early but if it gets there early I hope you'll save it till Christmas.

We had hoped to spend the weekend with Bob & Pat but they are busy so we decided just to go for the day and we won't even call them. There is a dinner at Pat's school tomorrow night and since he's on night duty tonight he has to sleep Sat. afternoon so he'll be able to go with her.

This has been a beautiful but very cold day. We have had an inch of snow this week and it is real winter now.

I ran errands all morning and then went to a tea for a retiring teacher. I was asked to pour so that meant I had to stay a long time. It was a nice tea and so many of our old friends were there. Polly's mother was helping. Polly is married and living in Chicago. We haven't seen her husband but I hope they will come to see me the next time they are home.

We have been to a dinner tonight and that was interesting for the program was on Israel.

Next week is really a busy one but I have Ann's pantsuit all done and Patty's ready to start sewing. Then I'm going to start baking. I always enjoy that but I'm not going to make loads of cookies like I usually do.

I'm sorry about your big radio. It is probably a tube or something like that. Why don't you move the kitchen radio in there? You probably need it more in the bedroom than you do in the kitchen.

I hope you are fine."




  1. Your mom wrote this on my dad's 65th birthday. They'd been in Florida for a couple of years and were ready to move back to Kentucky.
    Emilia and I had been married 16 days and were taking our semester final exams.
    I think my mother's china was Lenox. We sold it a couple of years ago at in Greensboro, NC. A nice overnight road trip.
    Funny, I loved your mom's comment about the radio tube. I was thinking the other day about how so many stores had the vacuum tube testing stations back in the day.

  2. You know, now that you mention the vacuum tube testing, I remember old shoeboxes on my dad's workbench that had tubes of various sizes in them. He loved old radios and I guess he just saved the tubes for whatever reason. Vacuum tube testing reminds me of those x-ray stations in shoe stores that measured kids' feet. Now that was really odd when you think about it.

    I like it when a date or something in the letters brings up memories for readers. And I love to hear what the memories are and what people are doing. Thanks so much!

  3. Good ol' YouTube: The Shoe Store Fluoroscope
    Dawn of the Atom Age and all that.


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