Saturday, January 30, 2016

December 1, 1973 The Snappy Day, The Bran Muffins, The Club Meetings, The Choir Concert and The Hobby Show

Dear Mother,

"Here it is Dec. 1 and we're still having beautiful weather. It is snappy but the sun is bright and it would be a nice day to go somewhere if we could.

B has an all day meeting at school and I've been out running errands. I took a quilt to my lady and visited with her quite a while so didn't get anything done this morning. She called yesterday and I had one ready. It is one of the pieced ones B's mom made. I hope Mrs. Follick will let me take her another one when she's finished with this one.

Our potluck group met last night and I had to take the rolls and relishes. I made bran muffins and they cleaned them up. We've had turnips every day since we came home & last night I put some raw ones on the relish place. They are sure good.

This has sure been a busy week. I had two club meetings and spent 2 afternoons shopping. Then we went to a concert Thursday night. I was simply run down yesterday so spent the afternoon resting.

I finally found material for the girls' suits and have them cut out. They are both going to take a long time to make but I think I can do it before Christmas. Ann's is navy and Pat's is bright green with a narrow line check of black and orange. It will be pretty. I got red lining for Ann and that will brighten it up. She asked for navy but doesn't know she's going to get it.

We're going to a choir concert at school tomorrow. Our church is having a hobby show tomorrow too but we can't go to both things at once. I had been asked to bring some jewelry and planned to until I realized the times for both things were the same and we already had our concert tickets.

You are the only one who took time to write this week but I guess everyone is fine. Ann and Bob seemed fine and she thinks she'll keep the organ job. She likes it so much. It's no wonder she doesn't have time to write.

I'd like to get a little sewing done so I'd better get at it. Hope you are fine."



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