Friday, January 15, 2016

August 4, 1973 The Way, The Weeds, The Junk, The Reunion and The Pie

Dear Mother,

"Ann & Bob are probably on their way to Columbia. In their last letter from Springfield this week they said they were all ready to load the truck. Everything was packed up and they were eating out. They were so anxious to get started. We haven't heard from Bob & Pat but may hear today since his vacation is supposed to start Monday. They usually let us know when to expect them. I expect they will come after he checks his patients on Sunday but that may take most of the day.

We finally got in the yard to work a bit & got loads of weeds pulled. B said the grass had never been like it is now. We've had so much rain it just keeps growing. We've been having Indian Summer weather so we've had the house open day & night the last few days. It is supposed to get hot today but it is beautiful right now.

Ann has asked for some school clothes for her birthday so I've got a dress started. It has long sleeves and will be pretty warm but she picked out the pattern. It is cut & ready to start sewing but I probably won't do that until after Bob & Pat are here.

Dollar Day was Thursday so I went downtown for a little while in the afternoon. This used to be a really big sale day but it doesn't amount to much anymore. The stores all have sales earlier so Dollar Day has become a junk sale day. People don't even go like they used to.

I think you'd better buy you a new television. You'll need it this winter and you can afford to buy one. The portables are nice and you can probably get a good one for about $150.

I had another letter from Marjorie and she said they were coming to Richland Labor Day weekend for the Parks reunion. Maybe if you'd mention that your TV is going they would bring it if they still have it.

I talked to Mrs. Follick about my quilts but their work isn't finished on the house and I told her I'd just wait until she calls me. She can't work when it is so hot anyway and I'm in no hurry. She says the thread gets too dirty when her hands sweat.

Come over and we'll have a piece of pie. I made one this morning with the mincemeat Beulah gave me. B thought it was a little strange to have mince pie in the summer but it sure looks good & smells good.

I hope you are still feeling better and that you have your glasses fixed by now. That would be pretty bad not to be able to see."



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