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August 18, 1973 The Good Time, The Pink Quilt, The Outrageous Price, The Good Price and The Hot Days

Dear Mother,

"Bob & Pat got here from Atlanta about supper time last night. They got up real early and drove all the way so were pretty tired. It's a little over 600 miles, I think. They had a real good time and had a good visit. It has been almost 2 years since they'd been there but Patty's family had been to see her during that time.

We have cards from Ann & Bob but don't know when they're coming home. She was 23 years old yesterday but we didn't have an address so couldn't even send a card. She had told us to save their birthday presents until they come home. They may come Labor Day if they can.

Bob & Pat love the pink quilt top. They think it is beautiful and it is. I'll get it quilted one of these days. I haven't worked on Ann's afghan lately but I've sure been sewing a lot. I'm so tired of it I don't want to make anything for awhile. I finished Ann's dress and a pants suit with 2 tops. They will be pretty warm to start school in but she'll like them.

There is plenty of meat around but the price is outrageous so I haven't bought much. There is lots of food--all kinds and we certainly aren't going to be hungry. I don't blame the cattlemen for holding back the meat. It is a stupid arrangement the government has made and even Goldwater was criticizing it.

My tomatoes aren't doing anything but we have bought some real nice ones from a farmer at the edge of town.

It's too bad you can't just go to church and not have to stay so long. If someone offers to bring you home after Sunday School let them. They wouldn't offer if they didn't mean it.

John Henry got a good price for Aunt Cliffie's house. That is a real nice lot.

I have a new book. It's about pearls and written by the same woman that wrote the one on diamonds. It's not quite as interesting as the other one but may get better when I read more of it.

The sultana you gave me is doing so beautifully. I put it in the yard and it has really been blooming.

Hope you are feeling better. Take it easy on these hot days."



NOTE: For a bit of news on meat prices during the recession of 1973, see below:

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