Saturday, January 16, 2016

August 11, 1973 The Double-Knit Dress, The First Tomatoes, The Front Porch and The Radio Service

Dear Mother,

"We have had supper so I'll just write to you and get it mailed early tomorrow for a change. We are planning to go to Chicago tomorrow to do a little shopping. Ann & Bob both have birthdays this month and I want to see if I can get her some bread & butter plates to go with her good china. She needs two more & then she will have service for six.

I've sewed most of the week on a dress for her. She had picked out the pattern last time she was home. It is a fancy Vogue pattern and I've never made anything so complicated or with so much work on it. It is very pretty but looks big. I sure hope it fits. It is double-knit but real heavy so will have to be a late fall & winter dress. Next week I'll try to make her a pantsuit and then I'll have to begin thinking about fall clothes for myself. School starts real early this year and there may be more receptions this year than we have had.

It has been hot this week but we've had our first tomatoes from our vines--two little cherry tomatoes. They were good though and lots of green ones are on the vines. The squash blossoms are still falling off and no squash.

Ann wrote us on Monday and they were all settled into their apartment in Columbia and planning to leave for Minnesota Tuesday morning. They had the truck on Friday evening and loaded it that night with all the neighbors helping. They slept on the floor that night and left early Saturday morning. Some of Bob's friends helped unload the piano but they hope they never have to do any more moving for themselves. Charlotte had given them some food so they got along real well.

Bob & Patty came mid-afternoon Sunday and left at 6:00 Tuesday morning for Atlanta. They planned to drive straight through and will be back next weekend. He likes his work real well but it is hard. He never really catches up on his rest but next year will be better. He is on all night duty every third night this year but next year it will be every 6th night. He says he usually gets at least an hour's sleep every night.

I hope your glasses are all right. Is the frame broken? Why couldn't the lens be put in new frames or isn't there any place to get that done? I can't understand how Aunt Nora sees so well if she has cataracts. That sounds strange.

B's mom sits on the front porch a great deal and she just can't hear the phone when she's out there. In fact, she can't hear it sometimes when she's in the house.

I'm sorry you couldn't go to church but I guess you needed the rest. Maybe it will be better if you don't try to go for awhile and save the energy it takes to get ready. You can probably get a church service on the radio. Turn that on and lie down to listen. That isn't a very good substitute but maybe you'd feel better for the day. But I hope you feel lots better now."



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