Tuesday, December 1, 2015

September 30, 1972 The Wasted Day, The Opening Luncheon, The Two Dresses, The Old Machine and The Blooming Violets

Dear Mother,

"This has seemed like a long week for some reason and I've done quite a lot. Yesterday was completely wasted on the telephone and I hate days like that.

I'm hostess for Travel Club luncheon on Monday so I've been cleaning. Some other women will help fix the food but I'll be glad when the thing is over. I think there will be 15 but there may be 18 so I have to set places for that many.

I scrubbed and waxed the kitchen floor early in the week and it looks real pretty. It didn't make me sore as it usually does so I was glad of that. This morning I cleaned the bathroom and washed those curtains so it looks fresh.

As You Like It Club had its opening luncheon on Thursday and that was real nice. The day was beautiful and we met at a camp at the lake. It is a permanent place where the churches and other organizations have summer camps so it is real nice.

The rest of the week I've spent sewing. I made two dresses and have them ready to wear. The weather will have to be cool for me to be comfortable because both have long sleeves. It has been quite cool and there was a bit of frost last night.

We picked all the big tomatoes--even green ones in hopes they will ripen. The plants seemed all right this morning so maybe the others will still ripen.

I forgot to tell you I gave my old machine to the church. We advertised it and the one call I had was from one of our church women. The church was looking for one so I told her to come and get it. Her husband has a small truck so he came after it. The women sew for needy groups but I have never gone to help.

My quilt is all embroidered and sewed together. It is very pretty and I hope I can get it quilted this winter. I don't have the back fixed or the batting but could get that ready pretty fast. I'm going to start an afghan now and that will be slow since it has to be done by a chart. It looks real pretty in the picture.

Beulah will have a birthday next week. I have a piece of dress material for her but didn't get it mailed yesterday as I planned. I didn't even get a piece of jewelry started for her but I'll do that sometime. I wonder how long it would take me to do all the things I have planned or want to do if I didn't do anything else. I'm afraid I'd never get finished. People who never have anything to do really puzzle me.
I wish I could be in Richland while Ann is there. We could all have fun.

B is washing the windows this afternoon. He went to the office this morning and brought a briefcase home at noon. He works on school things every night after supper and never catches up.

My violets are all blooming but each one has only one or two stems of flowers. They are sure pretty things. In the spring I started an avocado tree from a seed and it is waist high now. It has been on the porch all summer but now that the nights are so cold I had to bring it in. I don't know how long it will stay pretty.

I want to write to Beulah so I'd better stop and get that done. Hope you are fine."



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