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October 28, 1972 The Weather, The Coffee, The Painting, The Boys and The Tragic Mistake

Dear Mother,

"It's cloudy again today and may start pouring any minute. We have only a day of sunshine now & then and not long enough to dry things up. B has tried to get the yard cleaned up by working a little before dark after he comes home but that isn't much time. He'd planned to rake this afternoon but the weather isn't fit. Everything is frozen down and looks terrible. We still have a tray of tomatoes which are gradually ripening but when they do they are terribly tough. You simply cannot peel them.

I've sewed some this week but had so many other things to do that my dress still isn't done. It took one afternoon to put the trim on the jacket but shouldn't take too much longer to finish the whole thing if I can work without having to stop.

I am hostess for a faculty women's coffee next Thursday so may not get much else done. I already have one coffee cake in the freezer but will fix some others too. There are thirty-some on my list but I haven't any idea about how many will come.

How is your house painting coming along? He is painting the whole house, isn't he? You'd better see that he does the whole house while he's doing it for it might be impossible to get anyone to do any painting next year. Lots of people do paint only a part of their house each year but they do it themselves and painters don't like to fool with small jobs anymore. Besides, the house will look so nice when it is all freshly painted.

Ann sounded fine in her letter this week. She can drive a little now so that helps. She must think everyone has her address for she seldom puts it on her envelopes. They live at 512C West Swan. I still haven't learned to write it without looking it up.
Bob & Pat are home from Washington and have been staying the last week with some more little boys. They sponsored the eighth graders on the Washington trip. The kids at this school have their trip in the fall instead of the spring as many schools do. Bob called one evening but I was gone. They had a real good time and he said the kids were fun to be with.

The war news is beginning to sound a bit hopeful. I'm afraid to believe it but hope & pray it will end soon. The whole thing has been such a tragic mistake.

Bob & Pat haven't been here in a long time. They can't come when he's doing hospital work for he's on call every few nights. He said they'd come Thanksgiving.

I must write to Ann so I'd better stop and do it while I can. Hope you are fine."



NOTE:  For early October news, watch below:

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