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October 14, 1972 The Apples, The Hospital, The Radio, The Dress and The Six Babies

Dear Mother,

"It is real fall now--cool and crisp. We came home on 54 last Sunday and the trees around Jeff. City and Fulton were just beautiful. I love that drive and enjoyed every minute of it. There wasn't much traffic so B could enjoy it too. We stopped at a fruit stand and bought apples so I've been baking apple cakes this week to put in the freezer. This morning I have a big pot of chutney cooking and it is beginning to smell real good and spicy. We bought seconds so I thought I'd better use them up although they are as nice as the ones I get in the store lots of times.

Ann called from the hospital Tuesday morning to tell us she was going home at noon during Bob's lunch hour. She was to see the doctor in his office on Thursday to get the clamps out. We haven't heard from her since so I guess everything is fine. I know they were glad when she got home.

Your radio is all fixed and we'll bring it the next time we come. It didn't take B long to do it--a little soldering and a tube or something rather simple.

I've sewed a little this week but not much. I'm making a jacket dress the same color as the one I sent Beulah. It doesn't take long to make the dress but a jacket that is lined takes a long time.

B had his physical exam yesterday and everything seems fine. He has to go back for all the blood tests, etc. that this doctor does. If there is anything wrong, he'll certainly know when the tests are all done. This man is my doctor and I wanted B to have the kind of exam I always get.

Today is Parents' Day on campus so B is there, of course. I hope he doesn't have to stay all day.

We talked to Bob after we got home from Richland and they are fine. He had delivered 6 babies that night before so was a little tired.

There isn't much news so I'd better get my kitchen cleaned up."



NOTE:  For the Apple Cake recipes: and for the Apple Chutney, Apple Butter and Apple Sauce:

Mom's motto:  "You need to have a little something sweet with each meal."

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