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November 4, 1972 The Dry Day, The Pear Honey, The Quilting Lady, The Train Wreck and The Fresh Air

Dear Mother,
"It has been a dry day for a change so B & I have both worked in the yard. He is still outdoors fixing things for winter storage but I've been in about an hour. The sun came out a little this afternoon, too, and that looked so good. I trimmed a lot of dead stuff out of the barberry and my fingers feel sore from all the stickers.

Our neighbors have been working out too and told me to get more pears if I wanted them. I picked up a big bag full. The ground is just covered. They are hard pears so I'll probably make pear honey. It really is good.

My quilting lady finished Beulah's quilt this week and I took her one of mine. This one is a pieced lavender and white. I'll bet you made it 15 years ago for it is pieced by hand and has the tiniest stitches in it. She said she'd finish all of mine now so I have the red & green one of Bob's and the unbleached one left.

I've started a robe for myself but the pattern was too big so I have to cut it down. It was awfully easy to put together so was disappointing when it turned out to be so big.

I was hostess for a University Women's coffee on Thursday so had to spend extra time cleaning and baking for that. Only a few came and it is so much trouble I'm going to say no the next time they ask me to do one. They plan them all over town and ask different people to be hostesses. I'd rather have my own coffee and invite people I want. They tell you the people you are to invite to these planned coffees.

My friend came home from California Thursday evening. She is not well yet but can be up and around. She's terribly weak but I guess she'll be all right.

Your day at Beulah's sure sounded like fun and I wish we could have been there too. Is Charlotte going to rent her farm?

No, we didn't know anyone on the train wreck in Chicago. It almost scared me to death though until I found out it wasn't the train Bob rides to the hospital. We haven't heard from them so I don't know whether he went to the wreck to work or not. So many doctors and nurses did have to go but the wreck was close to a hospital where Bob has never worked.

I'd better stop & get some supper. All the fresh air & hard work will give us a big appetite. It is almost dark so B will have to come in soon even if he isn't finished.

Hope you are fine."



NOTE: For the NTSB explanation of the train wreck:

And on November 6, 1972, Nixon addressed the nation with a promise:


  1. And Nixon won, but was gone in less than two years. We left Vietnam the following spring and our POWs were released. Despite Nixon's assurances, the people of South Vietnam had no choice about the government that was imposed by the victors. Many people of the south fled or were sent to "re-education" camps.

    There's a book by Rick Perlstein titled "Nixonland." Detailed and well researched, it's a difficult book to stomach.

    1. Mike, thank you for writing. There have been several posts that have comments without my replies posting for some reason. This is another one I've just found. I have heard of the Perlstein book, but never thought it was something I would read. I am curious however, so maybe I'll take a look. I have a good friend who was a "boat person". She traveled for days on end in an over-crowded boat seeking safety. Eventually, through the generosity and care of local people here, she found shelter and work, and ultimately the life anyone would admire. Whenever I become impatient, I think of her and I'm immediately cured. What she endured was beyond incredible and her story is only one of many that are worse I'm sure, but thankfully hers had a happy ending. Thanks again, Mike. I always appreciate hearing from you.


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